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Relive the 80s with The Goonies Level Pack for Lego Dimensions

by Christopher Buffa

The Goonies is one of the most iconic 80s films of all time. The film follows a group of memorable youngsters who go in search of a pirate’s treasure. Now fans will be able to relive the adventure this May with a level pack for WB Game’s Lego Dimensions, which features familiar heroes, villains and locations from the beloved movie. We had a chance to see gameplay from The Goonies, and now we can’t wait to play… and re-watch the classic flick.


The Goonies level pack for Lego Dimensions comes with a buildable One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship, the Skeleton Organ (this is used to solve puzzles) and arguably the most popular character from the movie, Sloth.  Following a cut scene that brings players up to speed with the plot, the game kicks off at the abandoned restaurant, specifically when a member of the Goonies, Chunk, meets Sloth.  From there, they’ll assume control of Sloth and set out to free Chunk from his restraints. 



Similar to other Lego games, players can break all manner of objects, build things and collect studs. Additionally, characters come with unique abilities. Chunk, for example, can go places that taller characters cannot fit, which allows players to access new areas and collectibles.


From what we’ve heard, all of The Goonies are playable. In fact, new members like Brand and Data will unlock as gamers play through the game. It would’ve been cool had the developers re-used the original voice actors’ lines from the movie, but they chose to re-record character voices in order to add new lines of dialogue.



That aside, it appears The Goonies level pack is a wonderful homage to the film, thanks to the attention to detail, even when it comes to the smallest of touches. Chunk, for instance, can rip off his shirt and reveal his Superman t-shirt, while Chunk can do the Truffle Shuffle. 


Unfortunately, we only caught a small glimpse of what The Goonies has to offer in Lego Dimensions, but thankfully we won’t have to wait long to play through the movie, since the pack releases on May 9th. It should be another welcome addition to the 80s collection for Lego Dimensions, right alongside The Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Back to the Future.