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Relax, Pokken Tournament Will Come to Wii U

by Prima Games Staff

The Pokemon Company shocked millions of fans this morning with the teaser trailer for Pokken Tournament, a collaboration with Tekken publisher Bandai Namco. Essentially a Pokemon fighting game, the Japan arcade exclusive will receive plenty of attention leading up to its 2015 release, particularly when it comes to the Wii U. Almost immediately, fans begged Nintendo to bring the game to its console, where it would undoubtedly shine among the system’s dedicated community.

For now, the publisher has nothing to say about Pokken Tournament, but we’re willing to bet you’ll eventually see it on the Wii U, perhaps as early as holiday 2015. Here’s why.

Bandai Namco supports Nintendo in a big way 

Some third party publishers left the Wii U, perhaps temporarily, but Bandai Namco remains loyal. The company supported the system at launch with games like Tank! Tank! Tank! and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and will bring Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 to the console October 14. The release calendar gets fuzzy after that, but considering Nintendo’s stranglehold on the Pokemon empire, there’s little doubt that such a team-up took place without the Wii U in mind. 

Perhaps most importantly, Bandai Namco is co-developer for the new Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U; besides, we’ll need another game to use with the Smash GameCube controllers. It seems the ties run deep. 

Arcade: AKA Wii U testing ground 

Outside of Japan, video game arcades are more or less dead, so releasing Pokken Tournament over there is a smart idea. Its limited release will give all parties involved the max concentration of players. In addition, they’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t in preparation for the console edition.  Don’t look at Japanese exclusivity as a snub. Instead, consider it focus testing for the inevitable global launch. 

Good lord, it makes perfect sense 

Nintendo usually does its own thing, and has for decades, so Pokken Tournament Wii U Edition isn’t a lock, but come on. Why does this game exist? How does The Pokemon Company form a tag team with Bandai Namco to create a Pokemon fighting game that never leaves Japanese arcades?  This game is so Wii U bound we can practically see Pikachu lightning bolts shooting from the disc slot.  This one title has the potential to dominate holiday 2015. Compliment it with a Wii U price drop and systems will vanish from store shelves. 

Of course, we could be wrong and Pokken Tournament stays in Japan forever, but that makes us sad. 

What do you think? Will we get to throw down with our favorite Pokemon characters on the Wii U?

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