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Rarest, Most Hard to Find amiibo – Marth, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 12 amiibo figures of some of its most popular characters, like Mario, Kirby and Princess Peach. Some retailers held almost irresistible deals—Toys R Us sells three amiibo for $30—but for the most part each one retails for $12.99. Functionality is limited at the moment, but players can level up their amiibo in Smash and unlock content in Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8.

Excited fans couldn’t wait to post pictures of their amiibo, and it was no surprise to see the most hardcore gamers buy them all. As with most toys, though, some amiibo are easier to find than others. The holiday rush has a lot to do with that, but certain figures appear to be in short supply. With that in mind, here are the rarest amiibo available right now. If you see one of these on the shelf, grab it immediately.



In a perfect world, Target stores receive a Rosalina for every customer and replenish stock each week. Instead, the retailer sold out in minutes and we don’t know when she’ll return. Prices are decent on eBay for the Super Mario Galaxy alum, thankfully, and you can import if all else fails.

Sheik from The Legend of Zelda


You’ll need to be lucky to find a Sheik in stores. She’s arguably the toughest wave 3a amiibo to find right now, with Toon Link a close second. We hope you pre-ordered. Otherwise, the easiest way to get Sheik is to import, though this means spending a bit more.

Marth from Fire Emblem


Marth is the amiibo figure Nintendo fans complain about the most, yet they all want him. Interestingly enough, different Marths appear to have varying levels of quality when it comes to faces and paint jobs. It’s obvious Nintendo changed his appearance from the original model (pictured), and plenty of people seem disappointed by this, but the fact that he’s difficult to find makes him one of the most sought after amiibo, and unless there’s a new Fire Emblem slated to arrive in 2015, we don’t expect this to change.

Villager from Animal Crossing


It’s hard to dislike this little guy. For starters he’s adorable, an Internet meme icon and possesses some of the coolest moves in Super Smash Bros.; we love trapping opponents with the Villager’s net. Like Marth, he’s one of the lesser known characters in the amiibo lineup, which is probably why it’s somewhat tough to find him in stores.

Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit

The original Wii Fit video game sold over 22 million copies, making it one of the best-selling titles in history. Strange, therefore, that we had trouble finding the Trainer in stores; Toys R Us had a handful, beneath the empty racks that once held Marths and Villagers. We don’t foresee her becoming one of the most popular Smash Bros. characters, so there’s a good chance Nintendo was cautiously optimistic when ordering her in bulk.

Pit from Kid Icarus


You’ll have a somewhat easier time tracking down Pit compared to Wii Fit Trainer, but there’s a great chance you’ll come away empty handed. The Kid Icarus superstar is by far one of the best-looking amiibo, with outstanding detail and one eye-catching package. We suggest checking GameStop inventory and f.y.e. stores.

Little Mac from Punch-Out!!


First he tackled King Hippo, and now the champ is a force in Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately his amiibo, while great looking, is mostly MIA in most stores. We found one at Best Buy but someone had stapled the packaging for some reason. We put him back and have regretted doing that ever since.

Captain Falcon from F-Zero


The good Captain released in the U.S. before Christmas and sent the amiibo community into a buying frenzy. Multiple Target stores listed him as being in stock, though when shoppers rushed to these locations he was nowhere to be found. Of course, the numerous photos people shot of this amiibo with stores in the backdrop didn’t help.

Fox McCloud from Star Fox

To be fair, we were able to track down Fox at all of the locations we visited, but in much less numbers than Mario, Yoshi and Pikachu. Might have something to do with a lack of new Star Fox games in recent years, though Nintendo plans to change that with a title for Wii U.

Keep in mind this is based on our personal experiences store hopping this weekend and yours may vary. If amiibo are plentiful in your town, check out this Samus with two cannons instead of one. No idea how that happened, and it’s bound to draw big money so long as its owner keeps the amiibo sealed.

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