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Rainbow Six Siege: Who’s Your Operator?

by Prima Games Staff

The explosive new Rainbow Six comes with a cast of 20 combat experts from the greatest special forces outfits. Who will make your team?

Rainbow Six is back and Ubisoft upped its game. The latest member of the family, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, takes the essence of the previous games’ cooperative tactical combat and distills it into something punchier and more explosive.

It pits two teams against each other, with one team defending and the other side on the attack, in a series of indoor siege scenarios where the action is up close and personal. Teamwork and strategy are everything, and often the best way to go is through a freshly-blasted hole in the floor.

Key to the action is Siege’s collection of 20 Operators, a crew of highly-trained combat specialists with their own individual perks, abilities and equipment, with the goal of putting together a well-balanced team that can deal with everything the opposition flings at you.

The Operators have been recruited to Rainbow Six from five of the world’s most elite special forces units: Germany’s GSG-9, France’s GIGN, Russia’s Spetznaz, the UK’s SAS and from the U.S., the FBI SWAT unit. Not all of the operators have been revealed yet, but we already know about most of them. Which one will you play as?



If you need a little defensive power, the inventive Bandit’s your man, equipped with a home-made electroshock weapon that he can use to electrify metallic surfaces and barbed wire.


A big guy suited to frontline action, Blitz carries a ballistic shield as well as eight flashbang grenades; perfect for disorienting the enemy in cramped siege situations.


An electrical engineer equipped with a wrist-mounted sensor, IQ can sweep an area for hidden electronic gear, giving you a heads-up on any enemy devices before you encounter them.


Thwart enemy fire by having Jäger on your team. His mountable ADS-MK IV “Magpie” can neutralize incoming projectiles. He’s also a skilled technician who’s good with complex machinery.



The longest-serving member of GIGN, Montagne takes a fatherly interest in the well-being of his teammates and will gladly put himself between them and danger.


An expert technologist with a love for gadgetry, Twitch carries a small drone that’s perfect for scoping out territory and doubles up as a remote weapon, delivering electric shocks to enemies and traps.


If you’re shot down in Rainbow Six Siege you don’t respawn. Instead, pray for field medic Doc to come along and revive you with his Stim Pistol.


Keep your defenses up by having Rook around. He carries a stock of armor plating with him, perfect for reinforcing barricades when the action gets a little too intense.



Don’t let pesky walls get in your way. Recruit demolitions expert Thermite to your team and he can burn through the toughest barrier with his thermite breach charge.


Coming from a law enforcement background, Castle is an expert in defense and reinforcement, and he’s just the guy to call upon if you want to up your defense with some heavy-duty barricades.


Another demolitions expert, Ash has her own approach to blasting holes in things. She made her own weapon-mounted breach charge that can blow open a door or wall from a distance.


A natural negotiator with an ability to read people, this former intern at the FBI biometrics program also carries a heartbeat sensor, enabling him to pinpoint enemy forces



Sledge isn’t one for subtlety. He carries a massive breaching hammer and he’s going to use it, smashing through defenses to create a path for his teammates.


Put a dampener on the other side’s tech with signals intelligence specialist Mute, who carries a tool that lets him jam all communications in an area, stopping remote detonations and disabling drones.


A fearless thrill-seeker, Smoke’s the perfect unit to have on your side in a pitched battle, and carries a chemical smoke bomb that’ll deal damage to anyone who takes in a lungful.


If you’re too reliant on technology, you’d better hope you don’t come up against Thatcher. His EMP grenade will disable all electronics within its blast radius.


We don’t know too much about the Spetsnaz Operators yet, but we have pictures of a couple of them. Tachanka comes equipped with some kind of heavy-duty machine gun that looks like it can do a lot of damage…

…while Fuze appears to be another demolitions expert, complete with a breach charge and a handy shield.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege officially launches on December 1. For a limited time, you can pick up either Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for free when you buy an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or 970 GPU , or 970M or above notebook. For more details on that deal, check out NVIDIA’s official bundle page.

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