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Quake Returns In New eSports Friendly Champions Game

by Prima Games Staff

Just as Doom did last month, Quake is about to get its moment in the spotlight again.

Bethesda announced yesterday during its pre-E3 press conference that it was bringing back the highly popular shooter as a competitive multiplayer game for PC. Quake Champions will feature a number of new characters, as well as cool little tricks that players will get to utilize over the course of the game to give them an advantage in battle.

The company noted that the game has huge eSports potential, being built from the ground up to offer players something very unique – while at the same time familiar to those that grew up with Quake.

There’s no word on a console release just yet, but remember, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars went through the same thing, debuting first on PC and eventually coming to consoles. We’ll see what happens.

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