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Prima Games Staff E3 2021 Wishlist: What We Wanna See!

by Lucas White

We gave our honest predictions for what could happen at E3 2021. Now it’s time to hit you with the hype. We have carte blanche this time to drop whatever nonsense we want! The only rule is this ain’t an amateur hour comedy stage, so the wishlist has to be feasible in our reality. So no, that means we can’t bring Shadow the Hedgehog to life. Sorry everyone.

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Once again we have the Prima Games crew here to drop some thoughts in some paragraphs for you all to read. Morgan, Jesse and Yours Truly have been around long enough to want things, especially videogames. So here’s a little peek into what’s going on in our heads.


I will never stop holding out hope for a F.E.A.R. remake so that’s where I’m starting with my wishlist. Looking at things less “never going to happen” and more “could happen” I think a Silent Hill remake announcement could be nice. Not sure if I’ll like what’s announced, but I do want to see something happen there regardless.

Let me get even wilder here and wish for a Pokemon Let’s Go style remake for Gold and Silver (or Crystal) too. Take all my money if that’s announced, I want it. Oh, also going to wish for a remake of Pokemon Stadium like what GameFreak did with Pokemon Snap. Gimme, gimme.

And finally, I guess I wish for E3 to share plans – even if they’re super brief – about E3 2022. I’m mostly curious about whether E3 plans to keep the “digital only” setup moving forward if it proves successful this year, or if they’ll ultimately revert back to in-person events as soon as they’re able, which I would assume would be June 2022.


I always have trouble coming up with wishlist type of stuff because most of my favorite announcements are ones I never saw coming. So my main wishlist is learning about a project from one of the big boys that we never heard about or something that didn’t leak.

Bring back Viva Pinata, because y’all are cowards and that game deserves so much more than it ever got. Just make a new one, and more pinatas, and more romance dances. 

Hell, while we are here, put the Rocket League car in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Let’s get weird, maybe even the merchant from Resident Evil 4.

I’m not a huge Zelda fan, but I’d love to see what is up with Breath of the Wild 2. I want them to get even weirder and more experimental. Maybe a large underground that is darker and more difficult to navigate.   


Okay, Bowser. This is your chance to be the hero Reggie couldn’t. Just give the people Mother 3, Bowser. Hit that button and get it over with. Think about your legacy.

In the predictions piece, I mentioned Capcom introducing a new fighting game. If I could have my way, Capcom would reveal a new Versus game, with a brand new license Capcom hasn’t crossed over with before. The Marvel ship has sailed, and it’s time to let it go.

On that note, a new Breath of Fire would be nice. I know. You don’t have to tell me.

And finally, the ultimate cherry on top. I want to see a new-gen iteration of Dynasty Warriors Gundam. We went the entire PS4 generation without a new Gundam Musou, and to be fair there were plenty of other options. But I need to see what that game looks like in 2021 technology. A collection of the other games would be ok, too. 


Morgan wants some new, non-Resident Evil spooky action. Jesse just wants a nice surprise, a rarity in our times of leaks and forbidden knowledge. And me? Well, I represent the people on the ground out in Anime Country. E3 needs some classic JRPG energy, with some anime on top. Get Phil Spencer on the phone and demand a Gundam on the Microsoft stage. It’s the only way to save my people. A new Donkey Kong would be nice too. Just saying.

What are your pie in the sky E3 2021 wishes? Are you hoping for a new Viva Pinata like Jesse? Or do you just want to see what the next Farm Simulator is looking like? Let us know as usual over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Lucas White

Lucas plays a lot of videogames. Sometimes he enjoys one. His favs include Dragon Quest, SaGa and Mystery Dungeon. You can find him on Twitter @HokutoNoLucas. Wanna send an email? Shoot it to [email protected]