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Power Up Your Hyrule Warriors Combat With Sub-Weapons

by Prima Games Staff

Fans of The Legend of Zelda series know all too well that items are one of the most important aspects in every game. Items are what often help Link progress in his journey and Hyrule Warriors is no exception to this rule. In order to get through this game, you’re going to need a veritable arsenal at your fingertips and Koei Tecmo has provided the goods.

Link and his fellow Warriors will unlock Sub-Weapons during their journey. These weapons eliminate enemies in the most awesome ways imaginable and help the Warriors gain access to previously inaccessible areas on the battlefield. Nearly all Sub-Weapons in the game can be given attack boosts that change their forms. Below, the guide writer for Prima’s Hyrule Warriors strategy guide reviews these forms.


Bombs are a staple in The Legend of Zelda games, and in Hyrule Warriors, they serve the same use: defeating enemies and revealing hidden items. However, when using the Bomb, instead of dropping one, your Warrior throws a flurry of Bombs. It’s fun to watch, but that’s not all there is to Bombs. Once you pick up the Bombs power-up, the standard tiny black Bombs transform into one gigantic mondo Bomb that can clear out Keeps and enemy soldiers faster than any other Sub-Weapon. I’ll admit, I still get pumped when I see my Warrior pulling out one of these monster Bombs and completely decimating every enemy in the area.


Another item that is a must-have in a Zelda title, the Boomerang functions as you’d expect. Throw it at an enemy to stun them for a second or two, giving your Warrior the opportunity to dole out some damage with little worry of a counterattack. When you acquire the Boomerang power-up, this Sub-Weapon becomes a real force of nature: literally! Fans of Twilight Princess will recognize this item’s transformation, as the item becomes the tornado-producing Gale Boomerang. As you throw this raging weapon around, it will produce tons of tiny tornadoes all over the area, stunning dozens of enemies. This is definitely a Sub-Weapon you’re going to want with you on the battlefield.


Oh yes, my friends, the Hookshot is in here too. You might be wondering what an item that largely functions as a tool for traversal can do on the battlefield. Well, the Hookshot does, indeed, help you reach hidden areas housing collectibles, but it also allows you to pull yourself toward enemies, making it easy to close the gap between the target of your attack and your current position. When you acquire the Hookshot power-up, this monster wrangler becomes a whole different beast. When this version of the Hootshot is fired, your Warrior will launch toward the enemy, and then drag a special object from the sky to crush their target. This object is something fans of the franchise will recognize, but you’ll have to see what it is for yourself when the game comes out. Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

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