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PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deals 2019

by Ginny Woo

If you’re after more Cyber Monday deals, then you may already have browsed our Pokemon Sword & Shield line-up of what’s still going at a discount. However, if your household is more of a Sony one than a Nintendo one, then we’ve got you covered too. Forget Switch exclusives: here’s our list of PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday deals for 2019.

PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deals 2019

If you’re after accessories, there are some particularly tempting ones that are on offer now for Cyber Monday as a complement to your existing PlayStation 4 console. Amazon in particular has some great deals on the following mix of some of this year’s hottest games along with peripherals:

If you’re looking for some game bundles, then you can’t go past the PlayStation VR bundle which will have Blood and Truth and Everybody Golf which is being sold at GameStop this Cyber Monday for $250. Alternatively, those who are chomping at the bit for some military shooter action will likely find themselves better served by the PS4 Pro Call of Duty: Modern Warfare package which is also being offered by GameStop for a handy $300. With the assortment of the above, you should have everything that you possibly need to give someone the joyous gift of Sony these holidays, or to pick up some neat accessories for yourself to supplement your gaming experience. You know that we’re big fans of Infinity Ward’s latest over here, so we’re personally leaning towards that bundle which is a total steal at its $100 discount. 

Now that you’ve got our picks of some of the PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday deals that are floating around right now, why not get shop-happy? We’ve also got some other suggestions as to how you can nab some discounted games if you want to have a browse:

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