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Player One Coffee Will Cause Spontaneous “LEEEEROYYYYY JENKIIIIINS”ing

by Liana Ruppert

“We mean it when we say it. Everyone who works at Player One Coffee has spent countless nights where the phrase “just one more game” has been uttered dozens of times. ‘Just one more game’ turns into twenty more games when you’re sipping on Player One Coffee.” Player One Coffee definitely doesn’t mess around but they captured my brand loyalty the moment I saw they had an actual Leeroy Jenkins coffee … come on, how can you say no to that? 

There are four main brands with the addition of a few limited releases: 

Each runs at $14.99 with the Bourbon Barrel (though temporarily sold out) runs for $25. 

“Player One Coffee shares this vision and hopes to bring about this world by producing premium coffee blends roasted by gamers, for gamers,” continues POC’s creator.” Player One Coffee packs the punch to give you the mental acuity you need to rise to any virtual challenge. Other brands are lacking in this regard, a fact that stems from how they view gaming.

Other brands will tell you that playing video games is the epitome of laziness, but gamers know better. Competitive online games require skills honed through dedication and practice, an intense level of focus, and an insatiable drive to be the best. Other coffee brands refuse to acknowledge these facts, dooming them to rely on luck to beat Player One Coffee’s clear edge in skill.

The next time you’re going over your items to enter a dungeon, rescue the princess, or game with some friends, you know what type of coffee should be in your inventory.”

Ready to get your coffee on? You can get 5 bucks off, courtesy of us, right here. You can also see how obsessed I am personally with a shot from my Instagram below – seriously, I have a problem: 

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