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Play Like a Pro in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Tips from eUnited and Redbox

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is finally here, bringing with it quite a few changes to the Call of Duty formula. To help players get used to the changes—and dive into the new Blackout battle royale mode—Redbox has teamed up with eUnited, the fourth-place winners in the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship, to bring you some helpful tips as you dive headfirst into the latest Call of Duty adventure.

Be Aggressive and Confident

Playing aggressively and being confident in your playstyle are key points to keep in mind, according to eUnited member, Prestinni. “Make sure to play aggressive and confident. You’re never going to get better by camping a corner with a gun until the last few are alive in Blackout,” states Prestinni.

Of course, Prestinni isn’t the only member of eUnited who prefers to play the game at a faster pace. According to fellow eUnited member, Simp, “Black Ops 4 itself is a fast-paced game, so a fast-paced playstyle gets rewarded.” Staying aggressive in both multiplayer mode and in Blackout can help you get ahead of the curve and take down other players before they see you coming.

On this same note, BrianSaintt suggests that players should “jump out of the plane as soon as possible as you can basically wingsuit across the entire map and reach any location.” By doing this, players can reach locations before others, giving them that extra bit of time to loot up and prepare for action while others are just starting to land.

Make sure to check out SimpPrestinni, and BrianSaintt on Twitch to see their advice in action.

Stay Positive and Always Be Prepared

Your attitude and composure play an important role in your overall success, according to team member Burns, who suggests that players stay positive as they work through each round in Blackout. “Positivity in Blackout is key,” he explains. “You never control the guns or armor you will receive when you land. You can control your attitude and composure to make the best out of every situation. This mindset is what separates the pros from the rest.”

Simp also suggests that players “always assume someone has armor before you fight them.” Not only will this allow you to be prepared for the fight, but it also ensures you aren’t surprised going into any situation. Stay confident, stay positive, and make the most of every situation by approaching them with an open mind.

Want to see these tips in action? Make sure you check out Burns on Twitch.

Be Slow and Methodical

While some members of the team suggest playing Blackout and even the regular Black Ops 4 multiplayer with a fast and loose playstyle, team member Arcitys suggests the opposite. “As an assault rifle player, I like to play more methodical and slow. This helps me take advantage of faster players and build up my streaks,” Arcitys states. There’s something to be said about being methodical, and thinking your actions through beforehand can definitely help you become a better player.

Fellow team member Illey suggests something similar, stating that players should “play smart and put in a lot of hours.” They continued by saying, “Since there is a theater mode now, after you win or lose, I like to go back in theater and see what mistakes I mad and how I could fix them and play better.” While playing aggressively can have its perks, taking a slower and more methodical approach to the game—and taking the time to watch back your mistakes and learn from them—has proven to be an invaluable method for improving your skills.

Make sure you tune into both Arcitys and Illey‘s streams on launch day to see how they play firsthand.

Learn to Heal and Use Your Perks

When you’re caught up in the action in the middle of a round, it can be easy to get distracted and lose yourself in the chaos of it all. Keeping your composure and remembering when to heal and when to use your perks are crucial for staying alive. LEGIQN, another member of eUnited, emphasizes the importance of perks in Black Ops 4.

“Don’t overlook perks!” LEGIQN exclaims. “Perks like consumer or medic are huge advantages in both the early and final stages of a match as you’re able to heal quicker when crucial battles take place. Those extra seconds can save your life.” 

On top of making the most of your perks, Clayster, another member of eUnited, describes the new healing mechanic as one of the most important features of Black Ops 4. “In both Blackout and Multiplayer, you choose when and where to heal. Timing your heal perfectly in-between frags is key, but very difficult to master,” Clayster states. “Make sure you use your movement ability while healing because unlike other titles, you don’t have to stand still to heal.” 

You can check out Clayster and LEGIQN yourself to see how they tackle all the action in Black Ops 4.

Redbox has teamed up with eUnited to bring you tons of professional-level Black Ops 4 gameplay at launch. You can also get into the action by picking up the game from your nearest Redbox location for just $3 per night, or $7 for three nights. Reserve your copy by heading over to Redbox Games right now or find your local Redbox location.

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