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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Class Breakdown – Citron, Rose, Kernel Corn

by Bryan Dawson

The original Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare was a surprise hit. Taking the popular franchise and changing the gameplay to be more akin to a third-person shooter was enticing to both children and adults. The gameplay was solid and entertaining, but offered cartoon-like visuals that appealed to a younger crowd. Online play was a bit mixed because you had so many young people playing, but that’s not far from a typical Call of Duty game anyway.

When Garden Warfare 2 was announced, it was immediately clear that the bar was being raised. New classes are being added to the game and new modes of play. The eight classes from the original game are still available if you’re a veteran player. We already covered the first three new classes on the zombie side in our previous article, so check that out if you’d like more information on Imp and Z-Mech, Captain Deadbeard and Super Brainz. This time around we’ll be taking a closer look at Citron, Rose and Kernel Corn.


If you’re a fan of the Terminator series, you should be able to see the clear inspiration with Citron. The time-travelling bounty hunter from the future (who happens to be an orange), has the ability to transform and roll into action faster than any of the other Plant characters in the game. Once you reach your destination, transform into attack mode and start taking down those pesky zombies.

Citron’s three main abilities are Empeach, Citron Mode and Energy Shield. Let’s start with Citron Mode which is how Citron transforms into a more traditional-looking orange and gains movement speed. While in Citron Mode you gain access to a Ball Charge ability, which is your main attack while rolling around. The Energy Shield gives Citron protection from almost any attack and should be used for defensive purposes, while Empeach stuns enemies and shuts down mechanical objects such as the Imp’s Z-Mech.


While Citron is a bounty hunter from the future, Rose is a sorceress from the past. She had a vision of a Zombie-controlled future and travelled forward in time to change the tide of battle. This is not a character you want to rush into battle with as she will die very quickly if you’re not careful. Attack from a distance with her primary weapon, Magic Thistles, and make sure you don’t take heavy fire in order to survive battles against the zombies.

Her main abilities are Time Snare, Arcane Enigma and Goatify. From a distance you should be using her primary attack, Magic Thistles, which locks on to Zombies, making it much easier to connect from long-range. If an enemy closes in on you, use Time Snare to lock them in a bubble, stopping their movement and ability to attack for a short time. This gives you time to escape to a safe distance, or pummel the enemy with a barrage of attacks while they can’t move.

Goatify is a similar ability in that it’s geared toward allowing Rose to escape. This turns zombies into goats, removing all of their special abilities for a short time. As a goat they become an easy target to attack or escape from. Her final ability, Arcane Enigma, is also geared toward saving Rose from attack. She turns into raw energy, increasing her movement speed and preventing her from taking damage for a short time. This allows Rose to escape almost any situation, but because she can attack while using Arcane Enigma, she can potentially finish off any enemy while still remaining alive if both characters have low health.

Kernel Corn

Citron is from the future and Rose is from the past, but Kernel Corn was simply doing battle overseas during the events of the first Garden Warfare. He’s the military-minded Plant and should be played by anyone who wants to get in and do some damage to those pesky zombies. He’s rocking dual Cob Buster weapons as his primary attack, which inflicts more damage than most of the other Plant primary weapons.

The Kernel’s three main abilities are Butter Barrage, Husk Hop and Shuck Shot. Butter Barrage sees the Kernel throw out a baked potato that calls down the bombs. This isn’t a particularly fast attack, so it’s best used to defend objectives or attack a group of enemies. It can inflict massive damage, but if the enemies aren’t grouped together it won’t be as effective.

Husk Hop allows Kernel Corn to jump over an enemy, shooting them in the air as he flies over their head. This is a great tool to not only inflict damage, but also move to a safer position on the map. You can even use it to escape from or trap and enemy depending on your motives. His final ability, Shuck Shot, fires off two missiles at an enemy, inflicting significant damage. It takes a bit of time to fire, but if you connect with this attack it will make an enemy think twice about facing off against Kernel Corn.

Be sure to check out our first look at Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 as we prepare for the February release of the game!

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