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Places You Can Take a Cat Nap in Stray – Ranked

Come and take a nap, it will only be 15 minutes.

by Jesse Vitelli

Look, it’s no surprise that cats like to nap a lot. When they aren’t causing trouble or looking cute, they want to sleep. Stray allows the player to take various cat naps worldwide, and they honestly look incredibly cozy. I decided it was time to rank some of our favorites and even pick one I would never want to be anywhere near again.

5: This Gross Sewer Water Next to a Dead Robot

This one is nasty, and I’m not really sure what the vibes are here. After being chased by a bunch of Zurks, you retreat to this waterside bungalow. It gives off big vibes of a Zillow listing for $100,000 of a “waterfront” property, but it’s really a dilapidated shack next to a sewer treatment plant. It makes the bottom of our list, and I hope never to return.

4: Antvillage

There isn’t much to say about this one, but the entire village is serene and peaceful. Nestled at the very top of the sewer pipe-turned tree village, you can curl up on a carpet and enjoy the sounds of a quieter life. Right below is a robot hard at work cultivating and coloring new plants. I could retire here easily.

3: This Apartment With a Gramophone

It’s all about cultivating the proper aesthetic, and this place has it. The comfy pillows, purple neon light crested over the window, and the immaculately placed record player. You can’t really ask for a better place. The picture doesn’t showcase it, but it’s also tucked above a bookshelf in a loft-style area with a sheet hanging over it. It’s an excellent spot.

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2: The Slums Musician

Who doesn’t want to be serenaded by a musician as they are wistfully lulled to sleep with some tunes? You can give the musician a bunch of different music to play as they play you into a wonderful cat nap. Sure, you’re sleeping on the floor of a pretty gross area, but when you have the right song and a good friend with you, it makes for an incredible experience.

1: The Library Nook

The Library Nook is our number one spot, and rightfully so. Just look at our cat on this little shelf. The Edison bulb string lights and enormous stacks of books. It’s every Brooklyn resident’s dream coffee spot. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about how cozy this place is. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, tucked away in a library. I’m going to grab a latte and nap myself now.

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