Overwatch 2 Genesis Episode 3
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Overwatch 2: Genesis Episode 3 Concludes the Series With Hope, Sacrifice, and Sense of Purpose

Plenty of ups and downs in this episode.

If you aren’t aware already, Blizzard has been releasing new episodes of its Overwatch 2: Genesis mini-series over the past few weeks. The series details the situation surrounding the first Omnic Crisis, giving life to previously known events while also giving new looks into the events before the current point in the timeline. The last two weeks have gone over major themes like the dangers of progress and the idea of discovering one’s self. Episode 3 of Overwatch 2: Genesis, titled Rebirth, concludes the three-part series with the central themes of hope and a sense of purpose.

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To Choose, and to Be Chosen For

Episode 3, Rebirth, brings us essentially right where we left off with Episode 2 of Overwatch 2: Genesis. The Overwatch strike team is securing itself some key victories across the globe, though it’s merely slowing the offense of the Omnics down rather than stopping them. The god program Anubis may not be able to feel a sense of hope, but what it can do is actively adapt to previous losses. This makes its previous losses learning experiences, meaning it’ll never lose the same way twice. This would never last forever, meaning humanity needed a new plan.

That’s where Dr. Liao and her team, rather regrettably, decided to ask for Aurora’s help. Her last appearance was halfway through Episode 2, as she arrived at the Shambali Monastery looking for her sense of purpose in the world. Their idea hinged on the fact that Anubis was able to control almost every Omnic, and that with Aurora’s help, maybe she could give them a new perspective. This would require her sacrifice, something Dr. Liao was extremely upset about, but it was necessary for their success. Thanks to this move, Aurora became a god program of sorts. Though instead of imprinting the idea of merely helping the humans, she imprinted on the Omnics her sentience. This left the Omnics one of three choices. They could stay with Anubis and continue to fight back against the humans, lay down their arms and escape this war, or help humanity against Anubis, the one who didn’t let them have free will in the first place.

Different Omnics, for the first time in their history, all made different choices. This proved to change the tide of the war as, with less Omnics to worry about and some even choosing to join their side, Overwatch was able to make some decisive victories. After some time, Overwatch was able to infiltrate Anubis’ home and quarantine it, placing a pyramid-like tomb over it. If you haven’t caught on yet, this would become the Temple of Anubis, one of the 2CP maps from Overwatch 1 (which has some interesting implications I’ll talk about in a moment).

Things end off with a hopeful message from Aurora herself, who now purely exists as that god program. She details how she had found purpose through facing fear, and wanted to share that with her people to give them a chance at a brighter future. There, she ends off saying those she’s given this choice should choose well, as there’s only one life to do so.

I have to start off by saying bravo to the art and narrative teams here. While this series lasted a total of 20 minutes, the raw emotion, beautiful setpieces, and new lore gleaned from these episodes is immense. While it’s not a series akin to Arcane like many people want to see, it’s a glimpse at what one day could be. Seriously, I’d pay good money to see them create a series using the art style of the rarer cinematics. This will do for now though.

What Does This Episode Reveal About the Lore?

As for lore, there’s a surprising amount of new information from this episode alone. Much of the information we received prior to this attributed the creation of Overwatch to the reason the first Omnic Crisis came to an end. It’s clear now that while they were a massive help, it was the creation of the first sentient Omnic, Aurora, that truly helped to end the conflict in a way none of us knew was the case. The enemy were merely puppets of an AI god program, not Omnics wanting to create war.

Perhaps more interestingly for the imminent future is the mention of the Temple of Anubis. In the original map’s lore, it’s believed that a team was excavating the Anubis ruins looking for treasures, though potentially finding a research lab hidden deep beneath. We know what that place they found is now, and with the AI still alive within, it’s possible this second Omnic Crisis will occur because the excavators unknowingly unshackled its restraints. It’s an AI that clearly knows how to adapt, so it could adapt to take control of Omnics with free will.

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We don’t entirely know the details yet, and with the first few PvE missions not being in Cairo, it’s possible we won’t know for a while. Whether we will or not, if the PvE missions have anything close to this level of thought put into their cinematics, I’m excited to see how the story progresses.

Overwatch 2: Invasion, the PvE missions for the game, will launch on August 10. If you’re curious to learn more about the last episode, check out our coverage of Overwatch 2: Genesis Episode 2.

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