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The Order: 1886 First Look

by Prima Games Staff

Sony has a number of games lined up for release on the PlayStation 4 this year, including DriveClub, Infamous: Second Son and several downloadable games. However, there is one that stands out, mainly due to the mysterious aura surrounding it – The Order: 1866.

This shooter, produced by the team at Ready At Dawn Studios (who previously worked on the God of War games for PlayStation Portable), mixes classic Victorian style with conventional weaponry and technology, creating a unique fictional setting for the adventure that lies ahead.

In the alternate history storyline, monsters have had no problem walking over humans. Despite being greater in number, humans can’t measure up to their adversaries’ immense strength — not to mention several half-breeds (humans with bestial traits) finding opportunities to sabotage. 

The Knights of the Round Table step up to the challenge and find themselves in the most crucial fight to date in London, using strangely modern technology to try and hold off their opponents. However, complications soon arise when humans begin fighting against their own kind, with the poor taking on the rich. It’s up to this team to stop the beasts and somehow keep humanity from tearing itself apart.

With The Order: 1866, four central characters are introduced, offering plenty of opportunities for co-op over PlayStation Network. Each one has different skills that can help the group. Sir Galahad, the leader, understands the beasts, since he’s battled them for years. Marquis de Layafette provides tactical expertise, allowing him to guide each member of the team effectively into battle. Little is known about the other two characters, but they should bring plenty of firepower.

From what we’ve seen, The Order: 1866 has a variety of weapons. Some use good old-fashioned bullets and arrows to get the point across, while others are more technical. One shoots electricity like a lightning bolt, sending a shockwave that affects even the strongest foe. Another cool weapon allows a cloud of molten metal to drop down on a group of enemies. It has to be used sparingly, but gets the job done when it comes to delivering damage to more than one monster at a time.

That’s not all. Galahad and his crew have modern explosives. Proximity mines can be laid out to trap monsters and blow them to bits, while Fragmentation grenades – that’s an old school name if we’ve ever heard one – destroy everything within range. We mean everything – Ready At Dawn’s destruction engine looks impressive, with everything from walls to glass breaking apart. This can be used to your advantage, if the blast doesn’t kill the monsters entirely.

Since you’ll be sticking with AI partners while flying solo, it’s important to keep them in one piece. Monsters can easily overrun you if you’re disorganized, despite heavy firepower. It’s important to utilize Lafayette’s tactical planning to fend off these mythological creatures, then move on to the next area of the town. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of the game in action thus far, but like any good co-op shooter, it helps to have a team that won’t slack on the job.

(Sadly, the game will not include multiplayer. Seems kind of built for it, doesn’t it?)

Details are still somewhat scarce at the moment, but with a fall release likely, The Order: 1886 should get plenty of focus in the months ahead, with a possible full unveiling at E3.

One thing’s for sure – Ready At Dawn has come a long way from handheld ports. The team has done a remarkable job recreating the vintage town of London, from the rusty interiors of the local barbershop to the fog-filled streets. Environments will play a huge part in this game, as monsters will use whatever cover they can find to try and get the drop on Galahad and the Knights.

We’ll have complete coverage of The Order: 1886 in the months ahead, including a strategic breakdown for each character, team tactics and more. It looks to be a remarkable action game for Sony, and just the thing for an old-fashioned Friday night of moody mayhem.

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