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Not Every Link amiibo is Cross-eyed

by Prima Games Staff

We love amiibo, but Nintendo’s toy line certainly has some quirks. Marth might as well be referred to as Man-E-Faces because his mug looks different figure to figure, and he often comes with a bent sword to boot. Then there’s Link. Say what you will about his pose and the yellow stand, but there’s one mostly consistent theme among all Link amiibo, that being the fact that he’s cross-eyed. 

Seriously, next time you’re at the store, check the Link amiibos and the vast majority will have their eyes crossed. It’s like a Deku Nut conked him on the head. 

Well, we’re happy to report that not all Links are this way, and as luck would have it, we managed to find one at an f.y.e. store, sitting amongst his cross-eyed brethren. 

Considering the rarity, he might be worth something! What do you think, $10,000 for this Link, or should we hold out for the perhaps even rarer walleyed Link? 

Naturally we plan to keep him… forever.

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