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Nintendo, Please Make amiibo Koopalings

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo plans to release an amiibo for every character in Super Smash Bros., and as we’ve seen, some of these figures are rarer than others, with Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer nowhere to be found in the U.S., eBay excluded.

Rarity is often easy to predict depending on the character’s popularity. For example, we expect Duck Hunt to be especially difficult to find when this amiibo arrives in stores presumably later this year.  

Bowser Jr. will likely follow, perhaps in the same wave as Duck Hunt. That leads us to ask, what about the Koopalings? Yes, all seven of Bowser’s minions play exactly the same as Bowser Jr., but technically each one is unique and features a different pose.

With that in mind, Nintendo would likely blow everyone’s minds by releasing separate amiibo for Iggy, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig, Morton, Roy and Wendy. There would be a huge demand among collectors for these figures. Otherwise, we expect the more talented amiibo fans to purchase several Bowser Jr. amiibo and customize these toys to resemble the Koopalings. 

What do you think? Should Nintendo make amiibo collecting even crazier by releasing separate figures for each Koopaling?

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