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Nintendo Direct September 2021 Collab: Our wants, our predictions, and our deepest fears

by Lucas White

Nintendo Directs are the cause and solution of all our problems. I mean that in so many ways I wish I didn’t. Anyway, the big Nintendo Direct of the fall season is here, and it’s gonna be a whopping 40 minutes of Nintendo nonsense. Will there be big megaton drops, the kind that make YouTubers scream performatively? Or will we see another ten-minute breakdown of a Pokemon game? Does the world need more reminders that Metroid Dread comes out in a little while? Has anyone forgotten Splatoon 3 exists? Only time will tell, and that time is only a few hours from now. In the meantime, we decided to group up for a lightning round of predictions, wants and fears. We’ll all be wrong about everything, but that’s how it be with Nintendo Direct time.

Nintendo Direct September 2021 Predictions



What you want:

Much like Jesse, I’m not entirely sure what I want. I’d certainly like to see things like a console version of those Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, and some kind of notable November release from Nintendo itself. Oh wait I thought of something: Klonoa, for the love of everything good in this world.

What you don’t want:

It’s a 40-minute Nintendo Direct, and I really don’t want to see ten of that eaten up by games we already know about. It usually happens, but now’s a great time for that not to be the case. 

What will probably happen:

Gimme that Castlevania Advance Collection baby!! Also, probably a deep dive on Advance Wars or Pokemon Unite DLC. And lots of yelling from online Nintendo fans about Breath of the Wild 2 not showing up. Maybe a new mobile game now that Dragalia Lost is winding down.

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What you want:

Honestly, I never know what I want from a Nintendo Direct, I’m not really interested in anything Nintendo has in its current lineup for 2021, but I can tell you I certainly want to see Neon White from Ben Esposito.

What you don’t want:

I don’t want to see anymore Metroid Dread, I know that game is coming out in a couple of weeks, but we’ve seen enough and also I don’t like Metroid.

What will probably happen:

Probably updates on games like Mario Party Superstars, Metroid Dread, and maybe even Splatoon 3. Also that Castlevania Advanced Collection is basically a shoe-in at this point. 

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What you want:

I mean, I always have this hope that maybe they’ll bring back Pokemon Stadium as a surprise or do a “Let’s Go” type game for Pokemon Gold and Silver, those are my dream announcements every time a Direct happens. I don’t imagine they’ll happen, at least not in this Direct, but one day… maybe? Also would love to get an update on Bayonetta 3.

What you don’t want:

I don’t want them to focus solely on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl just because they’re releasing this November (the Direct is a Winter release Direct so they’ll likely be mentioned regardless). I’d rather they focus on Pokemon Legends: Arceus instead. I find Arceus way more interesting than Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

What will probably happen:

We’ll primarily see games we already know about as this is a Winter release Direct. The aforementioned Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games in November, Metroid Dread, probably more of Splatoon 3 as Jesse mentioned, and if we’re lucky… if we’re really, really, really lucky we may see something about Bayonetta 3. Fingers crossed. 


And that’s where we’re at with today’s Nintendo Direct. As you can see, there’s a bit of fatigue from how the last few of these has gone. But there is still a slight puddle of optimism circling our jaded brain drains, despite it all. Will anything we’d like to see actually happen? Stranger things have. But we’ll all find out together tonight, at 6:00 PM ET when the September 2021 Nintendo Direct airs. Maybe stay off Twitter when it’s on.

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