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Nintendo Brought its Splatoon amiibo to NYC

by Prima Games Staff

This afternoon, Nintendo hosted a Splatoon event in New York City for the media. Not only did it provide east coasters a chance to play the imaginative third person shooter, which releases May 29 for the Wii U, but also go hands on with the game’s exclusive amiibo. Available same day, fans will be able to purchase a three pack that includes the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Squid. Pre-orders sold out within minutes, and at this point, it’s unsure how many Splatoon amiibo will be available.


Only one Splatoon kiosk (out of 20 plus) featured the three figures. Nintendo placed them near the food, perhaps strategically so people found them, but if you didn’t explore the room a bit, there’s a chance you missed seeing the toys close up.

We wanted to check out the amiibo before the place became too crowded. That said, these are the characters you’ll receive in the three-pack.

Inkling Girl

Here is a better look at the Inkling Girl from the front. Can’t help but think her weapon resembles the classic Super Soaker. 

Now we have the back of the amiibo. We love the ink level captured in her tank.

Inkling Boy

From there, the Inkling Boy, who carries a similar gun to Inkling Girl’s.

And, just like Inkling Girl, you’ll see the level of ink remaining in his tank.

Green Squid

Finally, there’s the adorable Squid. Although you’ll see different colored squids in Splatoon, only the green one will be available at launch.


Here’s what the Squid looks like from behind, almost like it just appeared from some ink.


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