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Netflix’s The Witcher’s Lauren Hissrich Reveals Which Scene From Season One She’d Want to Cut

by Liana Ruppert

Netflix’s The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich and her team did an incredible job at bringing Geralt of Rivia into our homes once more with a TV series that blew past everyone’s expectations. Set as a prequel to the games and rooted heavily in the books, the show did a lot of things right when it comes to doing this franchise justice but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. In fact, Netflix’s The Witcher’s showrunner recently opened up about which scene she would cut if she could. 

Netflix’s The Witcher show spoilers ahead

For those that watched the first season of the show adaptation, episode six showed off an epic battle of Geralt and Yennefer working in tandem to defend a dragon from a group of ravenous hunters. The battle was intense and apparently also an aprhodisiac because the two show leads shared a steamy kiss right there in the middle of the fight. 

While some thought this scene fit in well with the fight’s flow, others thought it was completely out of the blue and not needed and it looks like the showrunner herself agrees with the “unncessary” sentiment. During a recent Quarantine Watch Party, Hissrich took to Twitter to reveal that this is one episode she wishes she could tweek, saying “If Haily Hall could change one thing in this episode, it would be that Geralt-Yen kiss in the cave. Sorry, babe.” 

While she doesn’t explicitly state why they would change it, the talk surrounding this episode speaks volumes. A little hanky panky isn’t unheard of in the heat of an intense battle, movies and TV shows alike have abused the heck out of this trope for years, but there’s a way to do it to make this action make sense within the scene and here? It definitely didn’t add any context of value, it was just sort of there to be there. 

While I personally thought it was a little cringy, others were quick to point out in the comments that they loved it and felt that it was “dreamy” and spoke of the connection that Geralt and Yennefer have both on and beyond the battlefield. While that may be true, at least give some nuance in the scene. It was random, it was odd, and it seemed like baseless fan service with no real tether to what’s actually going on in the scene. And come on, there are plenty of touchy feel-y moments in the series, was this one truly necessary? 

No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, to kiss or not to kiss, it is interesting to see the team reflect back on the wild road thus far while we eagerly await season 2!

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