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Netflix’s The Witcher Bestiary Guide Video Breaks Down Every Terrifying Monster

by Liana Ruppert

From the books to the games and then the TV show, The Witcher has offered an entirely new world for fans to get lost in and that includes the not-so-pretty. Sure there are stunning characters to drool over, but what about this franchise’s more horrifying elements? That’s where this Netflix’s The Witcher bestiary guide video comes in from the studio behind the show-stopping TV series and it is about as epic as you’d expect. 

The below video from Netflix talks about the side not often discussed when talking about The Witcher: the monsters. From the terrifying to the intriguing, this universe is teeming with creatures that cannot be tamed and this guide breaks them all down for your viewing pleasure. The below The Witcher bestiary guide dives into the mythological origins of many of the monsters gunning for Geralt of Rivia while also providing some interesting nuance that fans will love!

Check out the Netflix’s The Witcher bestiary guide video below: 

From the goat-like Sylvans to the Striga creature that had vampire fans drooling, the books, games, and TV series had a plethora of monstrous beings to learn about and eventually see die. That’s the thing, you don’t go up against Geralt and expect to live, that’s just a big L waiting to happen. 

The documentary delves into the roots of many of the creatures faced in the show specifically, including the Pig-Faced Lady of Europe that has a harrowing magically origin following a curse laid down by a beggar. Don’t forget the Roachhound either, an assassin-bred creature also referred to as a Krallach, that loves to dismember its prey on the run. 

With Season 2 well underway, much of it began before the continued spread of COVID-19 and its imposed quarantines, it will be exciting to see what other creatures make their way into the show that we have yet to see, especially for those that invested so much time into the massive games from CD Projekt RED. 

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