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Most Popular PS4 Games – Dying Light Cracks Top 10

by Prima Games Staff

January 2015 is nearly over, and not much has changed with the top 10 PS4 games. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Grand Theft Auto 5 continue to dominate, but in a shocking move, AC Unity is no longer on the list. Instead, a much older PlayStation 4 favorite appeared at number three.

10. Dying Light


Techland cordially invites you to its version of the zombie apocalypse in this survivor horror adventure. During the day, you scavenge for supplies and kill undead freaks by the hundreds with crafted weapons. At night, you run like hell and hide from more aggressive creatures. Throw in some cool parkour moves the Dying Light has the potential to become the first big hit of 2015.

9. NBA 2K15

The New York Knicks are one of the worst professional basketball teams in league history, so think twice before choosing this squad in the video game. Then again, who knows? Maybe you’ll get Carmelo Anthony to pass the ball to a wide open… a wide open… yeah don’t pick the Knicks.

8. Destiny

With all the tweaks Bungie made to Destiny over the past few months, and the recently released The Dark Below downloadable content, we have the first person itch. It’s been a while since a few of us logged serious time on Venus and in the different Crucible maps. With House of Wolves set to launch in the near future, we have a feeling Destiny is about to make a Prima comeback.

7. Assassin’s Creed Unity


Thanks to some key updates, AC Unity has never played better. Now gamers can stop obsessing over its faults and focus more on the quality adventure through French Revolution Paris. The detail looks incredible, and players can enjoy Unity solo or team up with three friends to cause mayhem.

6. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Stealth fans will find plenty to love in WB Games’ violent adventure, which sends them into enemy territory, where killing Uruk leaders dramatically alters the heirarchy. Over time, you’ll form new enemies and some will even hold grudges. When that happens, there’s only one thing left to do: cut their heads off.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

With over 80 hours of content in Dragon Age: Inquisition, why leave the house? You’ll form a party with such heroic adventurers as The Iron BullBlackwall and Varric Tethras, then attempt to woo the sexy JosephineMorrigan and Vivienne. You know, in between killing undead monsters and the High Dragons.

4. Far Cry 4

We beat Far Cry 4 a little over a week to go and can’t decide our next move. Do we continue journeying through Kyrat shooting films and skinning rhinos, or move on to playing something else? Seeing as how Dying Light doesn’t come out until January 27, we’ll choose the former. For now, it’s time to reload the grenade launcher and find a Buzzer. Next stop, 100 percent completion!

3. The Last of Us Remastered


This is one of those games that blurs the line between interactive entertainment and movies. The developers at Naughty Dog weave a captivating story chronicling the lives of two survivors making their way through a post apocalyptic U.S., where a strange fungus mutates people into grotesque creatures. The key to survive, naturally, involves sneaking up behind these monsters and jabbing their necks with a crusty shiv.  

2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

When Kevin Spacey accepted his Golden Globe this past Sunday, we couldn’t help but think he was awesome in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. His performance stands out the most, right in front of getting shot in the head a mere five seconds after spawning in one of the multiplayer maps. Better luck next time.

1. GTA 5


Rockstar’s crime spree holds strong at the number two position, and we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. Not only does GTA 5 on PS4 look better than the PS3 version, but the reboot also features a bigger draw distance, denser traffic, a cool first person view and up to 30 players on one GTA Online map.

Check back next Monday to see which PS4 games made the list!

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