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Mortal Kombat X – Triborg Details, Cyber Sub-Zero

by Bryan Dawson

We’ve known for awhile now that the second Kombat Pack to hit Mortal Kombat X would include Triborg, a fusion of the robo ninjas Sektor, Cyrax and Robo Smoke. However, when the character was on display at the ESL finals late last month, a sneak peak at a fourth robo ninja confirmed that Cyber Sub-Zero (first seen in Mortal Kombat 9) would also make an appearance.

Sektor, Cyrax and Robo Smoke make up the three variations of Triborg, while Cyber Sub-Zero is the variation-less version of the character. You can select this version (or the variation-less version of any character) by pressing Up, Up, Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PS4). Last month we looked into what each of the four Kombat Pack 2 characters has to offer, but now that we have quite a few new details on Triborg, we thought it would be a good time to shed some additional light on the highly anticipated character. Let’s take a closer look at everything Triborg has to offer!

Sektor (LK-9T9)

If you’re familiar with Sektor from Mortal Kombat 9, or really any of the older MK titles, you will feel right at home with the new version of the character. He retains all of his trademark attacks, including the horizontal missile, vertical missile, teleport uppercut and flame thrower. In addition, he gains an aerial dash to enhance his movement.

The horizontal missile is just what you’d expect. Sektor fires a missile horizontally toward the opponent. The enhanced version of the attack fires a barrage of missiles that inflict more damage and can be used to extend combos in some situations.

Sektor’s vertical missile fires up and then lands on the far side of the screen, right on top of Sektor, or near the middle of the screen, depending on the command used. The enhanced version of the attack homes in on the opponent which gives Sektor time to setup a mixup opportunity while the opponent is forced to block. Be careful if the opponent has meter as they can use armor to get through the missile attack in some situations. The enhanced teleport uppercut adds a ground bounce to continue a combo, and the flame throw has armor of its own when you use the enhanced version, which will likely be Sektor’s best wake-up attack.

Cyrax (LK-4D4)

One of the biggest concerns with Cyrax in MK9 was that he was always very powerful due to his various unblockable bomb combos. That was a concern when the character was first shown in MKX, but now that we know a bit more we can see how the development team has worked around the problem. While Cryax retains most of his special moves, including the bombs, they are no longer unblockable. Instead he now has two types of bombs that can be throw as varying distances (close, far and mid-screen). The ground-based bombs now hit low, while the new aerial bombs hit mid. Just like in past MK titles, you can use the bombs to start or extend some flashy and unique combos.

Cyrax’s trademark net projectile attack also returns. It still holds the opponent in place so you can start or extend a combo, but the biggest change comes in the enhanced version. It traps the opponent and drains half on an EX bar. This could be a crucial gameplay development as it can prevent opponents from using a Breaker depending on the circumstances of the match and when the net connects. Couple all of this with his returning buzzsaw blade and his ground and aerial teleports and Cyrax is looking almost as deadly as his MK9 counterpart.

Robo Smoke (LK-7T2)

While Sektor and Cyrax are very similar to their MK9 counterparts, there are two versions of Smoke in the MK lore (three if you want to count the Smoke/Noob tag team character). While what appears to be a human version of Smoke is seen in the story mode for MKX, the Robo Smoke variation for Triborg is a fusion of the human and robot versions of the character.

For special move Smoke has his trademark harpoon which pulls the opponent in and starts or extends a combo, just like Scorpion’s spear. If you enhance the harpoon is leaves the opponent in place and shocks them for a longer stun. He also has smoke bombs from the human version of Smoke, which teleport the opponent right over Smoke’s head if they connect. You can throw these close to Smoke, mid-screen or full screen.

Also coming from MK9 is Smoke’s ability to phase through opponents almost like a smoke-based teleport. This returns, but it now consumes stamina so that players can’t use it repeatedly (which was a staple strategy for MK9 Smoke). His normal teleport punch appears over the opponent’s head with the enhanced version launching them for a combo.

Finally, Smoke has a few additional combos that end with smoke bombs that give Smoke an additional mix-up opportunity, and he can use invisibility similar to Reptile. The normal invisibility leaves a lingering ripple around the character (think Predator), while the enhanced version makes him completely invisible.

Cyber Sub-Zero (LK-520)

The development team only showed a very brief glimpse of Cyber Sub-Zero, but we do know a little bit about the character. He has a standard Ice Ball and an enhanced version just like he did in Mortal Kombat 9. Both of these freeze the opponent in place similar to the normal Sub-Zero Ice Ball attacks. He also retains his Slide, aerial Dive Kick and Ice Bomb attacks. New to this version of the character is the ability to summon a drone that seems to enhance his ice-based attacks.

We’ll have more on Cyber Sub-Zero and the rest of the Triborg variations in the future. The second Kombat Pack releases on March 1, 2016 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, alongside the Mortal Kombat XL “game of the year” bundle. For now, take a look at what we know about the other new characters in MKX and whether or not there will be more DLC in the future!

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