It wasn’t long ago that we provided our expectations of Leatherface, Bo’ Rai Cho, Triborg and the Xenomorph coming in the second Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat X. NetherRealm Studios was nice enough to grace us with a second trailer for the new Kombat Pack, this time showcasing each of the new combatants in action. We thought this would be a good time to break down the trailer to cover some of the variations each of these new fighters will offer when they’re released.


Anyone who’s a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre knows that Leatherface uses a chainsaw. We saw the chainsaw in the reveal trailer late last year, but with the new gameplay trailer we see that it’s going to be somewhat similar to Jason’s machete. Leatherface seems to have the chainsaw out at all times in one variation, then mounted on his back in at least one other variant. He breaks out the chainsaw for specific special attacks and combos, then puts it right back on his back.

At the very least, Leatherface has the ability to launch opponents into the air with his various chainsaw attacks. We haven’t seen any way to extend his combos yet, but we do see that he has a few good combo enders with his chainsaw-based special moves. His X-Ray also involves shoving his chainsaw in the opponent’s stomach while he pulls out a mallet to crack their skull.


As expected, Triborg has one variation for each of the three Robo Ninjas. One variation is Sektor, another is Cyrax, and the final variation is Robot Smoke. Each variation has unique special moves that really bring home the fact that the each variation is really an individual character. Like Jade, fans of Sektor, Cyrax and Robot Smoke won’t have multiple variations to play with, but it’s good to see them in the game either way.

Sektor has a barrage of missiles that shoot out of his chest and move forward across the screen. When used on an aerial opponent he can combo directly into his trademark Teleport Punch and the continue the combo from there. One of the attacks on display in the new trailer is a chest explosion that launches the opponent into the air, which is immediately followed by the horizontal missiles and Teleport Punch. It should also be pointed out that Sektor has a low attack in the middle of his combo which has the potential to leads to overhead/low mix-up opportunities.

Cyrax has his bombs as you might expect. Many of his attacks were reminiscent of his Mortal Kombat 9 iteration, complete with a new saw attack that stems from his hand instead of his chest. We don’t yet know if Cyrax can throws bombs on the ground like before, but at the very least he can throw them horizontally similar to Sektor’s missiles. If they hit the opponent, the bomb knocks them into the air allowing Cyrax to follow with a juggle.

Smoke has a new variation on his harpoon. This time around he shoots out multiple tethers instead of a singular harpoon. While the animation is different, the effect is the same as the opponent is pulled toward Smoke and stunned just like Scorpion’s harpoon.

To differentiate the Robo Ninjas, Smoke now has a modified Teleport Punch that no longer looks like Sektor’s. Instead, the new special move looks more like Quan Chi’s Sky Drop. We see the enhanced version in the trailer, which launches the opponent into the air and allows Smoke to follow with a combo. Also of note, Smoke has a combo string that starts with a low attack and could easily lead into overhead/low mix-up opportunities.

Bo’ Rai Cho

As we predicted, Bo’ Rai Cho has one variation with a staff and what appears to be two variations without. One of these staff-less variations features his trademark puke and farting attacks, but this time around his puke flies full screen and looks more like an acid spit than his former Puke Puddle that would stun opponents. When it hits the opponent it knocks them to the ground immediately, which is followed by the new version of his Belly Bash, which is enhanced and ends with a fart attack.

In Bo’ Rai Cho’s staff variation, he seems to have considerable range. This is similar to Kung Jin’s range as we predicted last week. The main difference here is that Bo’ Rai Cho does not have his staff out at all times. He only pulls it out for certain special moves and basic attacks, so we’ll have to see how effective the range is when he’s not actively attacking. At the very least, we know he has a low combo starter, which could lead to potential overhead/low mix-up options.

NetherRealm has stated that one of the Kombat Pack 2 characters will be shown off later this month during the ESL Mortal Kombat X finals. Stay tuned to Prima Games for more coverage of these new combatants!