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Mortal Kombat X – Kitana and Reptile Moves Revealed

by Bryan Dawson

As the release of Mortal Kombat X swiftly approaches, NetherRealm Studios continues to release information about the game and its characters. The most recent stream on the NetherRealm Twitch channel showcased Kitana and Reptile so fans could get a better look at how the two classic characters played in the upcoming brawler. While both characters retain many of their trademark attacks, the variant system in Mortal Kombat X allows for quite a bit of variety when playing either combatant.


Note: One of Kitana’s fighting variants should be considered a story mode spoiler. Do not read her section if you wish to avoid these spoilers. 

Kitana has plenty of universal special moves that will be available no matter which fighting variant you decide to use. Her Fan Throw and Fan Lift return from Mortal Kombat 9, but she also has a new floating ability (Rising Fan), a Throat Slice and an anti-air fan attack that can all be used throughout her fighting variants. Her most traditional variant is Royal Storm, with her Assassin variant offering a different play style, and the Mournful variant essentially giving her Jade’s move set. 

In Royal Storm, Kitana’s Fan Lift is known as the Fan Nado because it has longer range. In fact, the Enhanced Fan Nado (EX version) covers the entire length of the screen. She also gets her classic Square Boost (formerly Square Wave) attack that can be used on the ground, in the air or very low to the ground (instant air) like in Mortal Kombat 9. A new addition is her anti-projectile Bounce Back ability. When you initiate the technique Kitana spins in place. The longer you hold the button, the longer she’ll spin (to a point), reflecting any and all projectiles thrown during that time. 

Kitana’s Assassin variant gives her a different move set. She gains a Princess Parry technique that allows her to parry any high or mid-hitting attacks (although no low attacks can be parried), as well as the Assassin Strike that covers the full length of the screen, dashing toward the opponent. The Enhanced Assassin Strike gives her one hit of armor. In addition, Kitana gains the ability to use Sharpen, which gives her fan attacks increased damage, as well as other unique properties for a limited time. For instance, while Sharpen is active, Assassin Strike is always the Enhanced version. 

Finally, Kitana’s last variant is Mournful, which gives her Jade’s Glaive (staff) and changes her fan projectiles to the same projectiles Jade used. While NetherRealm confirmed that Jade will not be in Mortal Kombat X, the name alone should give you an idea of what happened to her. With this fighting style variant, Kitana basically becomes Jade. She gains Jade’s Glaive Throw projectile attacks, with the ability to aim them straight, upwards or downwards, as well as the Enhanced version that turns them into boomerangs, coming back to Kitana after being thrown. In addition, she has Jade’s Staff Grab and Shadow Kick to round out this variant. 


Reptile is the first character we’ve seen in Mortal Kombat X that has a majority of his special moves shared across all three fighting style variants. What makes Reptile’s variants unique are the extra abilities he receives on top of his large universal move set. Across all three variants, Reptile has access to his Forceball, which can be thrown in fast or slow like in previous games. The Enhanced version allows Reptile to stop the Force Ball from moving in order to set up combos and frame traps. 

The green ninja also retains his trademark Slide with the Enhanced version moving quite a bit faster, covering the entire length of the screen and having one hit of armor. He has a standard Acid Spit, with the Enhanced version turning into a pool of acid on the ground (similar to Sub-Zero’s Ice Puddle) that causes damage over time. His Repitlian Dash also returns from MK9, alongside a new attack, the Klaw Pounce, which juggles if you use the Enhanced version and doubles as an overhead attack. 

Reptile’s three fighting style variants are Deceptive, Noxious and Nimble. Deceptive gives Reptile the ability to turn invisible using Stealth. The normal version shows traces of Reptile so the opponent can still find him if he or she looks closely. However, you can hold down the button or use the Enhanced version to make him turn completely invisible. 

The Noxious variant outfits Reptile with a cloud of gas surrounding him at all times. If an opponent is close enough, they slowly take damage from the gas cloud. You can also use a command for the gas cloud (Poison Gas) to increase its size and effectiveness, with the Enhanced version inflicting a considerable amount of damage over time and extending a moderate distance from Reptile’s body. Couple this effect with the Enhanced Acid Spit and Reptile can drain the opponent’s life very quickly when trapped in the corner. 

Reptile’s final variant, Nimble, gives him the ability to turn the entire screen green for a short time. While the effect is active, Reptile gets faster while his opponent becomes slower. In addition, his attacks float the opponent better (as if they were weightless), allowing him to pull off some crazy combos. Even some attacks that do not juggle normally will allow for a follow-up juggle while the green screen is active. 

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