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Minecraft Players Are Creating a 1:1 Scale Replica of the Earth and You Can Help

by Liana Ruppert

Due to COVID-19 quarantines, a lot of us are digging into those backlogs and are finding creative ways to pass the time. Gaming has been a huge help, so it’s no surprise that Minecraft has seen a surge in players over the past several weeks. That being said, there is a group of Minecraft players that are taking on a daunting feat: creating a 1:1 replica of the Earth itself sans pollution, war, and all of the other terrible things we’ve done to it. Just pure pixelated goodness. 


We know what some of you may be thinking: Minecraft is big but it’s not that big. True, but this player base is getting creative with the help of mods to override height limitations while also providing an accurate map of the earth’s surface and how to replicate that in-game. 

For those curious about the mods used and how the plan is going thus far, YouTuber PippenFTS detailed what’s going down currently in the Minecraft-verse with their video above. For the mapping of the Earth’s surface, they are using the Terra 1-to-1 mod uses map data to recreate actual surface material while the Cubic Chunks mod works to override the height cap. 

While progress has been going swimmingly, there is still a few more kinds to work out which is why this YouTuber has launched the Build the Earth movement that has the goal of looping in Minecraft players all over the world to help with optimization, creative strategy, and fleshing out all of the details that would make this project worth it in the end. 

Are you interested in helping out this project to recreate a 1:1 scale Earth in Minecraft? Then check out the Discord server here to learn more! 

H/T PC Gamer!