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The Medium | Walkthrough Guide Hub

by Morgan Shaver

As you work your way through The Medium, Bloober Team’s newest psychological horror game, you may find yourself getting stuck at various points.

You may also want to ensure that during your 8 to 10 hours with the game you collect each and every collectible available and unlock all of the game’s achievements.

To help you do all of this, we’ve been putting together in-depth walkthrough guides that’ll take you through each section of the game from Jack’s apartment to the Niwa Hotel, and beyond.

Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this guide hub as we complete additional walkthroughs! 

The Medium | Walkthrough Guide Hub

The Medium | Jack’s Apartment Walkthrough Guide


The Medium | How to Reach the Niwa Hotel, How to Enter Niwa Hotel


The Medium | Hotel Lobby Walkthrough, How to Reach Second Floor


The Medium | Second Floor Walkthrough, Where to Find Sadness


The Medium | Thomas Office Walkthrough, How to Solve Clock Puzzle


The Medium | How To Escape The Maw First Chase And Stealth Sequence


Other Guides For The Medium


The Medium | List of All Achievements


The Medium | Voice Actor Cast List



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