The Medium | Voice Actor Cast List

Find out who voices some of your favorite characters in The Medium.

The Medium is a game with full voice acting, and each of the voice actors in the game does an incredible job. The voice acting is in English, though there are subtitles available in other languages like Polish.

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The voice you’ll hear most frequently in the game is the voice of protagonist Marianne, who’s voiced by Kelly Burke. You’ll also hear the voice of the little girl named Sadness pop up often, with Sadness being voiced by Angeli Wall.

And of course, the grumbly, evil voice of The Maw is provided by the one and only Troy Baker. Wondering about some of the other voices in the game? We’ve got you covered with a list of all the voice actors and the characters they play.

Note the warning below before scrolling down to read the cast list.

Warning: The dual names of some of these characters contain huge spoilers for The Medium. Even though this is how they’re listed on the game’s IMDB for example, we still recommend holding off on reviewing the full voice actor cast list until you’ve beaten the game.

Or, at the very least, proceed with caution as the cast list names characters that don’t get introduced until much later in the game.

With that out of the way… here’s the voice actor cast list for The Medium

The Medium | Voice Actor Cast List

Marianne (Voiced by Kelly Burke)

The game’s main protagonist Marianne is voiced by Kelly Burke. You may recognize Burke’s voice from other video games such as:

  • Amy/Valerie in State of Mind 
  • Dahlia in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 
  • Luna in Jerry McPartlin: Rebel with a Cause

Kelly Burke has also made appearances in film and television, playing Lady Macduff in Macbeth, Emma in Kill Your Friends, Karen Roston in 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover, and Campbell ‘Soup’ Wachowski in Doctors. With her work on The Medium complete, you can look forward to seeing her in the upcoming thriller Enemy of England where she’ll play Miss Greer.

The Maw (Voiced by Troy Baker)

The game’s main antagonist, the one who chases you through Niwa Hotel wanting to wear you as a skinsuit is voiced by Troy Baker. We feel like most people will be familiar with Troy Baker for one reason or another given the sheer number of video games he’s been in.

With that said, here’s a quick recap of other games where you’ve heard Troy Baker’s voice before:

  • Joel in The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II
  • Simon Krieger in Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Samuel Drake in the Uncharted series
  • Higgs in Death Stranding
  • Magni in God of War
  • Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite
  • Bruce Banner in Marvel’s Avengers
  • John Jones in Fortnite
  • Abaddon in Darksiders Genesis
  • Erron Black / Shinnok in Mortal Kombat 11
  • Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Yamato in the Naruto Shippuden games
  • Vincent Brooks in Catherine and Catherine: Full Body
  • Hobbes in Fable 3

The list goes on and on, those really are just a select few examples. He’s been in everything. Troy Baker has also done voice acting for animated TV shows, anime like Naruto: Shippuden, and more.

Jack / Francis (Voiced by Kerry Shale)

The voice of Marianne’s stepfather Jack and the Niwa Hotel groundskeeper Francis is voiced by Kerry Shale. In addition to The Medium, Kerry Shale has done voice acting work for other video games including: 

  • Carl Ingram in Hitman 3
  • Filibert in Serious Sam 4
  • Phil in State of Mind
  • Perceval / Cressidus in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Grist / Irid / Jackson Frye in Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Rufus / Argus / Cletus in Deponia
  • Lex Luthor in LittleBigPlanet2
  • Roderick de Wett in The Witcher

He has quite a few credits beyond that, but those ones jumped out at us the most, especially seeing that he voiced Carl Ingram in Hitman 3 which released shortly before The Medium did.

Like other voice actors on this cast list, Kerry Shale has done work outside of video games including TV shows like Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, The Sandman, The Amazing World of Gumball, Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, Dennis the Menace, Captain Star, and more. 

Sadness / Lily (Voiced by Angeli Wall)

Sadness / Lily is voice acted by Angeli Wall. In the past, she’s voiced Jaime on the kids TV series Rhyme Time Town. Because this voice actress is younger, there aren’t many other credits on her IMDB page just yet.

However, given how amazing of a job she did as Sadness in the game, we imagine we’ll be hearing her voice again in the future either in other video games, or animated TV shows. 

Thomas / Spirit Thomas (Voiced by Graham Vick)

The voice of Thomas and his spirit counterpart, aptly named Spirit Thomas, is provided by Graham Vick. Again, like some of the other voice actors and actresses on this list, there aren’t a whole lot of other things on their IMDB page, but we imagine that’ll change in the future.

Graham Vick really helps bring Thomas to life, at least in our opinion, and we hope to see more of Thomas in the event that Bloober Team decides to do a sequel to The Medium (maybe, hopefully). 

Interestingly enough, Graham Vick did voice acting work for Cyberpunk 2077, though a specific character name or credit isn’t provided, and the same goes for Divinity: Original Sin. The most recent credit of a specific character is when Vick voiced Algernon Drake in Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game. 

Lilianne (Voiced by Rebecca Blackstone)

Rebecca Blackstone voices Lilianne in The Medium. You won’t hear her voice (or to be more specific, the character she voices) pop up until the final portions of the game.

Even though it’s not a larger role like the role of Marianne or even Thomas, we feel Rebecca Blackstone did an amazing job bringing life to this character.

The Medium isn’t the first game Rebecca Blackstone has been in, some of her other voice acting credits including: 

  • Bracken Meadows in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
  • Eva in DmC: Devil May Cry

She’s also done voice acting for Guitar Hero Live and Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. 

Richard / Childeater (Voiced by William Roberts) 

William Roberts voices Richard / Childeater in The Medium. Looking at his IMDB page, we were impressed by the sheer number of games that Roberts has been a part of. The list of video game roles extends all the way back to the early 2000s with roles such as Dragonetti in Blade.

Like some of the other voice actors on this list, he’s also done voice acting for Polish developer CD Projekt Red. Below, we’ve listed some notable video games that William Roberts has been involved in:

  • Lefty in Leisure Suit Larry
  • Jacob Hyde in The Beast Inside
  • Silas Winchester in Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game
  • Kurtz in State of Mind
  • Dromarch in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Ligan in Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Vesemir / Kalkstein / King of the Wild Hunt in The Witcher series
  • Morrison in Crysis

It’s exciting to see him credited with other video games like TimeSplitters as well. We’re still keeping our fingers tightly crossed in regards to the return of TimeSplitters in the future. 

Young Richard (Voiced by Mack Keith-Roach)

In The Medium, Young Richard is voiced by Mack Keith-Roach. Prior to The Medium, he’d been a part of two other projects: Kinch & The Double World and The Sandman.

Similar to the voice of Sadness, this voice actor is young and their career is just starting out. We thought Mack Keith-Roach did a fantastic job as Young Richard, and we hope to hear his voice acting talents in more video games in the future.  

Henry / Hound (Voiced by Vincent Lai)

The voice of Henry and the sinister Hound is provided by Vincent Lai. In addition to The Medium, Vincent Lai has voiced Adam in the video game The Beast Inside. He’s also been a part of a short called 11/9.

The list is short, but as we’ve said with some of the other voice actors and actresses on this list, we imagine it’ll expand in the future with more video game appearances.

Young Henry (Voiced by Artemus Cragg)

Last, but certainly not least, Artemus Cragg voices Young Henry in The Medium. Artemus Cragg is unique on this list as The Medium is actually his first listed piece of work on his IMDB page.

It’s a solid career start and Cragg does a great job with the role that he’s been given in the game. We hope he’s given the opportunity to do more voice acting work for video games in the future! 

And that concludes the voice acting cast list for The Medium. We hope this helped give you a better idea as to where you might have heard some of these voices before, and where else you can hear them if you’ve become a fan of their voice acting skills. 

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