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Master Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors

by Prima Games Staff

Hyrule Warriors, the melding together of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, offers a Zelda-style gameplay mode with a retro flair. Adventure Mode, created solely for Hyrule Warriors, is a challenging break from the game’s main Story Mode.

The mode begins with a familiar tale: Ganon has stolen the Triforce of Power and is using it to invade Hyrule. The player is tasked with defeating Ganon and his eight minions to rid his evil from the land. A list of items found in Adventure Mode is also shown during the opening screen. These items, such as the Compass, Candle, or Bombs, can be used to find hidden rewards during specific stages in Adventure Mode.

As a pixelated Link, players are placed on an overworld-shaped grid as 8-bit music plays in the background. Each square on the grid represents a stage and has its own victory conditions. These victory conditions may include defeating a specified number of enemies within a given time limit or using a certain elemental attack, and each challenge takes place on the same battlefields as Story Mode. Once a victory condition is met, players are ranked on their performance, earning a special reward based on their D through A rank. These ranks are an important part of the mode’s progression.

Completing victory conditions on one stage on the grid can unlock access to its adjacent stages, but only if the player has earned the proper rank on that initial stage. For instance, if the player only earns a C rank, then they can only access the adjacent stages that have a C rank unlock or lower. The Prima Hyrule Warriors official strategy guide contains tips on how to obtain the coveted A rank and master this challenging mode.

Adventure Mode offers unique challenges and a retro style players won’t find in Story Mode. It’s also where some Warriors and a number of special weapons are found. To get the most out of Adventure Mode, be sure to consult the Prima strategy guide and achieve every A rank possible!

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