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This Mass Effect Gift Gives Wrex the Spotlight He Deserves

by Liana Ruppert

You can almost hear his rumbly voice saying “Shepard” with this awesome Mass Effect Wrex gift. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post I’m just notoriously obsessed with the Mass Effect trilogy and thought this neat little Etsy find was way too cool not to share. 

The above crystal lamp can be customized with text and different color options, which is super awesome, and this shop even offers different Mass Effect characters as well including everybody’s favorite blueberry: Liara. 

As for this gift idea, there are three different options: 

  • No customization – $44.99
  • Text and font – $59.99
  • Text and 3D model – $74.99

Personally, Wrex should be red but that’s just me but that’s the beautiful thing about this gift – you can customize! 

Interested in scooping one of these awesome Mass Effect gifts? You can check out this amazingly talented seller right here! After all, why wouldn’t you want the Kroganiest Krogan that ever Krogan’d? 

New to the world of amazing characters and need a little refresher on who this badass Krogan even is? Wrex was first introduced in the first Mass Effect as an old and aimless mercenary but quickly (depending on the Shepard morality direction) became a steadfast ally of Shepard and their motley crew of heroes. Though a rough exterior, he evolved into a character with deep care for his people as a whole in dealing with and recovering from the Genophage and ultimately becomes a voice of an entire race. He’s everybody’s favorite grandpa assuming you didn’t kill him in the first game and has absolutely become one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. 

Liana Ruppert

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