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Mario Party 10: How to Win Bowser Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Mario Party 10 is available for the Wii U, and it comes with a variety of new mini-games and boards to conquer, either playing against AI opponents or buddies through local multiplayer. Better still, it also comes with several new modes, including Bowser Mode.

In this mode, one person plays as the fire-breathing antagonist, while up to four players try and survive his wrath through diabolical mini-games.

Here are some tips on how to dominate as Bowser, as well as some strategies for other players to escape his clutches.

Bowser Rules Over All

When playing as Bowser, you’ll want to notice how the format is set up. The four main characters go first, collectively driving around in a vehicle and trying to get as far away from him by combining their dice rolls. Once it’s Bowser’s turn, he’ll roll four dice (which the player can roll by shaking the GamePad), and then attempt to catch up to his adversaries.

If Bowser does catch up, a mini-game will commence that gives Bowser an edge against his opponents. One involves shooting Bullet Bills at key players, which they’ll barely be able to dodge by scrambling around on a limited playfield, while another has Bowser rotating around a track with a hammer in hand, crushing opponents riding around on the same track.

These mini-games are usually chosen automatically (you can increase your chances of getting your favorite by hitting the A button), but each one gives Bowser the chance to knock down the health of the other characters. Once they run out of hearts, they’re out of the game.

When it comes to dominating with Bowser, it’s vital to get rid of opponents with the lowest heart counts. They’ll be easier to eliminate than the ones with five or six hearts, and the fewer opponents you’re up against, the fewer dice rolls they’ll have. That almost guarantees Bowser will catch up to them every time, inching closer to winning the match. 

In addition, don’t be afraid to spread destruction around on all opponents. While the weaker ones are easier targets (or friends that may have wronged you in a previous round – it’s so simple to get revenge), sharing the damage to all players will make it easier to crush them down the road in another mini-game. By all means, go after the weaker ones first, but don’t forget the strongest adversaries.

Surviving Bowser’s Wrat 

Bowser is a dominant opponent in Mario Party 10, but there is a way to beat him and come out on top. It all depends on what you collect on the game board, as well as how quick you are in the mini-games.

When you’re on the game board, try to use extra dice to give you some distance between your team and Bowser. You’ll collect these by landing on given spaces, and you can choose the dice between your turn. The further away you are, the less chance you have of him catching up – meaning you can survive to get even further ahead the next turn.

Furthermore, watch out for bonus spaces. Some of these can provide extra jumps further onto the board. You don’t have control of where you land, but try to hit the dice at the right time to give you the proper amount of spaces needed. It’s a matter of timing.

Try to avoid Bowser Jr., who pops up on occasion. Most of the time he’s a hindrance to your team that makes it that much easier for his dad to run up and crush you. In some situations he can even mess up the team’s overall health, taking all the hearts and collectively distributing them, which may seem like an advantage, but also makes it that much simpler for Bowser to destroy everyone in one wallop with the right mini-game. Avoid this space at all costs if you can.

Finally, in mini-games, avoid Bowser’s attacks in every way possible. Sometimes that can be tough (like with the Bullet Bill slot machine), but it’s vital that you keep moving in order to achieve maximum health by the end of each stage. It can take a little bit of practice, but fortunately, you can always re-enter another round with the needed experience. Stay alive – that’ll do your team the most good, even against the odds of the mighty Bowser.

Mario Party 10 is available now for Wii U.

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