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Mario Party 10 amiibo Bundle Unboxing

by Prima Games Staff

Mario Party 10 is nearly upon us, complete with a new crop of mini games, plenty of Bowser shenanigans and perhaps most importantly, a $59.99 bundle that comes with not only the latest entry in the longstanding party series, but also a Mario amiibo. This is a brand-new figure compared to the one released as part of the Super Smash Bros. lineup, and we expect Nintendo to slowly phase out the aforementioned Smash amiibo to make room for this one.

That said, we were fortunate enough to receive the bundle early, and took a handful of pictures of both game and amiibo.

First up is the complete Mario Party 10 bundle. For amiibo collectors, being able to see the amiibo through the package is a huge plus so they can avoid possiblepaint defects… or capitalize on them if they sell those amiibo on eBay.

After slicing through the tape on top of the box, we gently parted the paper flaps and stared down at the contents inside the package.

Here is the new Mario amiibo in all its glory.


Now for a different angle.

Finally, we have both the game and amiibo, still sealed in their original packaging. 

Mario Party 10 debuts on March 20 for the Wii U.

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