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MAR10: What We Wanna See Next

by Lucas White

For our first collab feature, we talked about the past and present of Nintendo’s Mickey Mouse. But, you know, I don’t recall seeing much speculation or wishlisting centered around Super Mario.

It’s probably because you can generally know what to expect, which is nothing ever leaking and also Mario jumps and stuff. But why not take the leap and talk about what could be next, or what we want from the brand in the near future?

For this one, the lovable but incorrigible Prima Games staff will be shooting their shots, making demandsrequests from Nintendo’s top brass. Maybe Morgan has a pitch for a whole new Switch game.

Perhaps Jesse knows what he wants for the next Mario Kart. And maybe I have a detailed, outlined design document for Yoshi’s Cookie 2 already locked and loaded for such an occasion. Who knows!

Morgan: You know what I’d really like to see? Mario Paint being revisited. Looking back at the 90s, Mario Paint was such an interesting game for the time period. I remember it piqued my interest because of how confusing the SNES mouse was to me as a 7-year-old kid with no prior knowledge of technology.

Now that we’re in an advanced age of technology, I think Mario Paint could work a bit better (and be more user-friendly) especially for younger gamers. Even if Mario Paint features were just add-ons in a Mario collection released over the next few years like the one we got recently (I mean, they brought back Mario Sunshine so anything is possible right?) I’d be happy.

But yeah, Mario Paint, I want to see something along the lines of Mario Paint. 

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Jesse: I want the next Mario game to be him coming to terms with being killed by Ridley. In the first new character reveals for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate back at E3 2018, fans were treated to Ridley’s reveal trailer.

In it, Mario is impaled by Ridley’s tail. He is never seen again in the trailer, but his hat remains. So for the next game, I would love to see Mario having to do a Dragon Ball Z-style run in the afterlife to regain his body and return to the real world.

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Mario could face the ghosts of his past, both literally with King Boo and figuratively with his relationship with his brother and how he always overshadows him, but never says sorry or tries to rectify it.

There would be no jumping allowed in this game. It’s a visual novel and focuses on making the player question Mario and his choices that led him to this point.

Lucas: Speaking of the SNES mouse, I have a challenge for Mr. Nintendo and his cronies. I saw you fools put Duck Hunt on the 3DS, with touch controls. I saw that weird flex with Super Mario Picross on the Nintendo Switch Online service. So if we’re doing all that, there is no excuse left for why Mario & Wario ain’t around yet.

At this point, if I’m not helping a little fairy child save Mario from killing himself ’cause he can’t get a bucket off his head on my Switch by the end of the year that means Somebody running that show is a bonafide coward! C’mon, Game Freak made this thing. I mean come on, we got Quinty on the Switch before Mario & Wario. Quinity!! This is unacceptable.

Well that went oddly. As you can see, despite how classic and traditional Super Mario can be, the Prima Games crew is a bunch of weirdos. But we’re friendly weirdos, kind of. There’s so much rich Mario history out there, and Nintendo loves bringing it back. Nintendo also… loves to literally murder the Mario brothers in Smash trailers.

So you never know what’s gonna get a throwback next, from the Donkey Kong tribute in Odyssey, to the freakin’ Virtual Boy being front and center in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Time is meaningless, especially if you’re an immortal corporate entity fueled by cartoons and gamers.

Thanks for joining us on this new journey, and we’ll see you next time. In like an hour or two; there’s a third one coming up. Thanks for reading! Hit the Prima Games Twitter or Facebook up for more wacky hot takes. 


Lucas White

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