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Make These 10 Sora Mods For Kingdom Hearts You Cowards

by Jesse Vitelli

Here are ten Sora mods in Kingdom Hearts we would love to see. With the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts coming to PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive, we couldn’t help but wonder what people will eventually mod into the game.

10. Mr. X

There was no shortage of Mr. X mods when Resident Evil 2 Remake came out a couple of years ago. What if we just turned into the trenchcoat and fedora-wearing Tyrant. After all, Mr. X probably just needs to learn the power of friendship.

9. Post Malone

As a society, we should put Post Malone in more things. He is already going to be performing a concert for Pokemon. Let’s put him in Kingdom Hearts. He also owns the deed to Olive Garden, which” when you’re here, you’re family,” so he’s already pretty close to being Sora. A Post Malone Keyblade would just be all of his tattoos tied together.

8. Shrek

The internet is infatuated with Shrek. The giant green ogre has layers, and honestly, so does friendship. So why not take Sora out and put Shrek in. Complete with Donkey and Puss in boots instead of Donald and Goofy.

7. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic should obviously be in Kingdom Hearts, in fact, it should be entirely about him. Move over Sora; it’s Sonic’s time to shine. Sonic The Hedgehog can run way faster than Sora, and you can remove Donald and Goofy and put in Tails and Knuckles.

6. Thanos

Marvel has taken over the world, and Thanos deserved better. Replacing Sora with Thanos will help him balance the universe. Honestly, the Disney universe is too big and could use a snap. Plus, Disney owns Marvel, so canonically, it makes sense. 

5. Super Smash Bros.

If Super Smash bros won’t put Sora in Smash, then let’s just put Smash in Sora. Mod out Sora and put Masahiro Sakurai as the model. Let Sakurai wield a Keyblade and hang out with Donald and Goofy.

4. Hamilton

Who is better to replace Sora than Alexander Hamilton himself. Half of Kingdom Hearts is listening to Disney songs, and Hamilton is on Disney+, so we’re already there. Alexander Hamilton would be an excellent mod, especially if they use Lin-Manuel Miranda’s likeness.

3. My FFXIV Character

Look, Final fantasy 14 is a great game, and my character deserves to be in Kingdom Hearts. Someone teach me how to mod so I can put the savior of Eorzea, the Warrior of Light, in Kingdom Hearts. 

2. A Gundam

Just a whole Gundam. Make it 100 feet tall and let Gundams be in the Kingdom hearts universe.

1. Geoff Keighley

Look, Geoff, the creator of The Game Awards and Summer Games Fest, is already in Death Stranding, so why not replace him with Sora in Kingdom Hearts. It makes perfect sense. His Keyblade could be a Game Award.

IS there anyone you want to see in Kingdom Hearts? let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


Jesse Vitelli

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