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Madden NFL 15 Beginner’s Tips: Offense

by Prima Games Staff

Madden NFL 15 is available, and EA Sports’ latest effort gives armchair quarterbacks the opportunity to dominate the field and score points with their favorite teams. We already made recommendations when it comes to getting started, namely with the top-ranking football teams. Now it’s time to put them to work with key offensive tips.

Some things have been tweaked when it comes to offense this year, so be sure to use these tips to your advantage when driving the ball down the field. Otherwise, you’ll face a fourth-and-long, and no one wants to see odds like that.

Watch for the open man

This should be rocket science for any football fan, as throwing to a blocked receiver is likely trouble when it comes to the possibility of an interception. However, Madden NFL 15 really means business in this department, since the AI was tweaked with more defensive coverage. You may find yourself flanked by a superior defense if you’re not careful.

The best way to go is find a highlighted receiver before the play begins, depending on which one you choose. You’ll be able to see the routes on the play as you’re selecting it, then click in the R3 button if you need to change one of their hot routes. Sometimes this can lead to success, but again, you’ll want to make sure they get open, otherwise you won’t complete the pass.

Keep an eye on coverage. If Man Coverage is what the defense is into, look for a receiver who is more out in the open for a reception, even if it’s just a few extra yards. Most of the time, you’ll be able to get a first down, depending on the defense. With Zone Coverage, you’ll have to work a bit quicker, but you should see at least one of your receivers open up, allowing you to move the ball down the field.

Remember, good passing is crucial, and it’s best to have a solid quarterback. Don’t get too trigger happy.

When in the running game, rely on openings and cuts

The running game is one of the greatest offensive weapons, especially if you have a powerhouse player who knows how to cut his way through open gaps. When selecting a running play, you’ll be able to see what direction he’s heading. From there, it’s up to you to guide your player through the gaps that open up.

Quick cuts can be an ideal weapon for a running back. Through angle routes, corner routes and other openings, he’ll be able to create an opportunity to gain extra yardage. It never hurts to optimize a plan where you pull a quick zig-zag to move out of the way, as this’ll throw off the defense and maybe give you the crucial extra yardage to get the first down.

In addition, don’t forget your runner’s abilities. The turbo button is useful, but don’t waste it when fighting clusters of players, as you’ll tire out and collapse. Instead, use basic speed to break away, and save the burst for heading into the end zone. Also, don’t be afraid to stiff-arm a player or two to make your own opening, and spinning can make a difference when someone charges in from the side.

Finally, don’t forget the dive. This tactic allows you to make a run for the end zone, even if your body can’t cross the entire goal line. The idea is to get the ball to make progress, and not necessarily your player. Make sure it’s in your progression, but don’t hesitate to dive into a group for the six-point conversion.

Tinker with offensive plays

Although your playbook will provide ample amounts of running and passing plays, it never hurts to experiment with something new, even with the game on the line. Stacking, for example, allows you to set up the offense on one side of the field. This may look like a mismatch at first, but in fact it creates a huge opportunity to gain extra yardage, provided the defense doesn’t cut through the line first.

Also, mix up your players on these plays. A good running back can always gain extra yardage for you when you need it, but you want to exploit the defense and find an open man you normally don’t rely on. Mix up receivers, runners and other players, then make use of the team as a whole. Doing so will keep them guessing, and thus gain you the yards needed to score the first down – and eventually win the game.

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