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Mad Max: The Gastown Race, Immortal Enemy, The Big Chief

by Bryan Dawson

Story Mission: Immortal Enemy

Before kicking off this particular mission, it never hurts to make sure everything’s stocked up. Customize your vehicle with the proper parts, check your energy level and bring plenty of water in the canteen. Don’t worry too much about investing in nitrous, since Stank Gum is always within reach during his race. Even if you fall way behind, you’ll have ample opportunity to catch up to him. In this particular case, keeping your car in working order should be top priority. 

Instead of watching out for obstacles, make sure you have your gamma options turned up so you can see the environment because this is a particularly dark race track. In addition, keep maintain the proper speed. Going fast around corners is not recommended, as you’ll easily wreck into the walls. You can still ram opponents, but maintain control by releasing the gas pedal, instead of pumping the brakes. This will enable you to take corners and remain competitive.

Getting closer to Stank Gum, you’ll notice that he drops a bunch of mines towards you. How they react on the track depends on how they’re dropped, so keep a close eye on these as they hit the ground so you can react accordingly. Don’t forget to use the ram technique to avoid a mine, in case steering isn’t enough. You can usually get close enough to the wall to stay out of harm’s way on the mines, but again, be sure to keep an eye on where Stank Gum drops these explosives. 

Eliminating opponents is effective in a race like this, but others will eventually appear. Fortunately you have a good supply of Thunderpoons that you can use to bring them down quickly and efficiently if ramming isn’t enough, simply by aiming for weak points, such as tires. The camera will always default to the car closest to you, so if you’re looking for a particular enemy, make sure you spin it around first. Sometimes you’ll need to target a foe behind you as well. Make sure you practice the targeting system before putting it to use in this race. 

The goal isn’t to achieve first place, but rather take down Stank Gum within the five minute mark, before he has a chance to detonate a bomb. Using the Thunderpoon about four to five times should do the trick, but make sure you keep an eye out for mines, hanging bombs and flame spouts, as well as the opposing vehicles. The middle part of the track is best for avoiding most of these (save for some of the dropped mines). But keep an eye out for red paint when it appears on the ground. You’ll want to hang left instead of right. This will take you down a path with fire extinguishers, which will help put out flames damaging your vehicle. You’ll catch back up with Stank Gum, so don’t worry about him. 

After he’s finished off, you’ll head to the Thunderdome, where Tenderloin awaits. The key here is to watch when she comes at you and look for the little red flashes. This is a cue to roll out of harm’s way (you can’t counter these attacks). If she performs an attack with a yellow circle, you can parry that and strike back until she begins dodging again. Keep doing this (and maybe land a few perfect parries to score some additional damage) and you’ll finish the fight. 

Following a cut scene, Scrotus enters the picture. You’ll want to use your tactics carefully, the same way you would fighting a Top Dog. Watch for his charges from a distance, then attack when you find the open opportunity. You can also use weapons scattered on the ground to do extra damage. Just be sure to keep an eye out for normal enemies that might try to gang up on you. Get them out of the way as soon as you can, but don’t forget to watch out for Scrotus. He may perform another charge attack.

His charges will eventually seem like a charging bull. In this case, get closer to the red oil drums, located near the outer edge of the Thunderdome. He’ll charge right into them (if you roll out of the way), creating a big boom that hurts him quite a bit. Repeat this process three or four more times and the room will break into halves. Defeat the two enemies on your side as Scrotus watches from the other side.

Grab a quick sip from your canteen to restore any energy if you’re damaged, then take on additional enemies that get in your way. Once you beat them, pick up the nearby food and go east until you reach another open space. Take down the enemies in that area, then pick up the scrap located to the south. Go back north and pick up the food and extra scrap as well. Head down the path and watch for an ammo container, as well as another water source where you can fill up your canteen.

Enter the doorway and go to the left. Scrotus will be waiting. Use the same tactics as before, dodging his attacks and striking back. Once he reaches a halfway point on his energy, the fight will conclude.

Keep traveling down the path and go upstairs to the right. Here, you’ll get back to Gastown and find the Magnum Opus. Before you can get to the next mission, though, you’ll need to wrap up three Wasteland Missions, as well as complete two projects deep within Deep Friah’s stronghold located to the south. Once you’re done with these, head east and find the Concubine. Speaking with her will kick off your next mission.

Story Mission: The Big Chief 

First, go down the path to the right. Beat up the enemies waiting in the nearby area, then make your way up the ladder. Keep pushing forward, then take a quick jump down into another area and pound the thugs waiting there. Move towards the southeast corridor, but pick up the nearby fuel can, which will be waiting right next to an on-fire oil drum on the left hand side.  Ignite this, throw it at the nearby door and it’ll blow open, allowing you to proceed. 

Go through the door and then kick the one on your immediate left. Go upstairs to your left and you’ll find enemies waiting to be defeated. Go to the generator (located right in the middle of the room), and then move to the stairs, which will be to your northwest side. 

You’ll see a fuel can at the end of the walkway, but won’t be able to reach it – not yet, anyway. Climb up the nearby ladder, then take a left towards the catwalk. You’ll be able to work your way down to a nearby storage area and access the fuel can there. From here, you can return where you first came from, or simply drop down in case you picked everything up already. 

Use the fuel to start up the generator and you’ll be able to gain access to Stank Gum’s vehicle. Jump in and head up to Deep Friah’s lair, taking out enemy vehicles in the process with your Thunderpoon, via ramming or shotgun. Use the side burner weapons as well, as they can do significant damage up close. Once you reach the temple, your mission is complete.

Get back to your Magnum Opus and a cut scene plays. From there, simply go east towards the Dunes and you’ll find the next story mission.

Continue to the final set of Story Missions or head to Prima’s Mad Max Walkthrough for Camp Dismantling and tips to beat the game.

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