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Luis Suarez Bites, and so do these Video Game Characters

by Prima Games Staff

The World Cup experienced its own Mike Tyson moment earlier this afternoon when controversial Uruguay player Luis Suarez bit the left shoulder of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini; Italy lost 1-0. It’s a bizarre incident made even scarier by the fact that this is the third time Suarez nibbled one of his opponents. 

We don’t know what FIFA will do in response, but like Suarez, the following video game characters sink their fangs into the competition. For the record, we do not condone biting people or animals.

Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat 2 

The talented martial artist scores a devastating fatality on his opponents by transforming into a dragon and biting them in half, head to waist.  We’re certainly glad that Suarez does not possess this sort of transformation. 

The Chomper from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 

Feed me! The hungry Chomper uses stealth to sneak up behind its adversaries and swallow them whole. It’s the only death in Garden Warfare that prevents teammates from reviving the victim. Naturally, the Chomper struggles against enemies with ranged weapons, but there’s no denying the satisfaction that comes from devouring one’s foes.  

Stubs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse 

This is one of the few games that cast players as the zombie; you know, instead of the soldier aiming to shoot as many undead as possible with a high-powered arsenal of weapons. Playing as the decaying Stubs, you’ll shamble around town snacking on your enemies’ brains, which is far more satisfying that scoring headshots with a sniper rifle. Watch that brain matter fly! 

Necromorphs in Dead Space 

In space, these paranormal monsters won’t hesitate to rip chunks of flesh from your tasty-looking body.  We strongly suggest that you keep them as far away from hero Isaac Clarke as possible and dismember them with extreme prejudice. 

Jaws, from Jaws The Revenge 

Kudos if you slogged through this infamous (perhaps famous) NES game from defunct publisher LJN. Anyway, you know what happens when your diver gets a little too close to the great white shark. The creature turns the hapless explorer into a hot lunch; the same goes for baby Jaws.  Stick to killing crabs.