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Look Inside: Splatoon Official Game Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Splatoon is an upcoming action shooter from Nintendo with a tentacular twist: players must splatter their colored ink over the largest area in the battle arena to claim victory. Prima’s official Splatoon Guide is full of expert tips to optimize your inking!

Splatoon preview page 1

Maps and strategies help you find each collectible, splatter all the octopi, and defeat each boss.

Splatoon preview page 2

Check out stats for every weapon as you progress through the game and improve your squid-splattering prowess.

Splatoon preview page 3

Get a behind the scenes look at early concept art for Splatoon to see how it went from the drawing board to what it is today.

Splatoon preview page 4

There are 40 pages of art showcasing the fun and unique visual style of Splatoon!

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