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Look Inside the Just Cause 3 Strategy Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Liberate Medici with the help of this comprehensive guide to Just Cause 3, jam-packed with expert strategies, essential data, and comprehensive walkthroughs. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find inside its pages!

Just Cause 3 guide preview 1

Exhaustive Item Listings: Vital stats, images, and data for every weapon, gadget, and vehicle. Plus, everything you need to know to unlock new mods to upgrade Rico’s explosive abilities and vehicles.

Just Cause 3 guide preview 2

Main Story Walkthrough: Maps and tactics for completing every Story Mission and Liberation. Take the fight to General Di Ravello in 25 missions of glory, betrayal, and carnage!

Just Cause 3 guide preview 3

Clear Every Settlement: Unlock all story missions and reach 100% completion by aiding the Rebels in Liberating every town, base, and outpost! Our detailed maps reveal the locations of every military asset that must be destroyed, plus all SAM sites, Capstone FH155 guns, Urga Vulkans, attack helicopters, and tanks.

Just Cause 3 guide preview 4

Find Every Collectible: Confidently traverse the massive world of Medici with our maps. Find every Rebel Shrine, Vintage Part, Di Ravello Tape, and more!

With so many cool things to do in Just Cause 3, order your official guide now so you don’t miss anything!

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