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Lego Marvel’s Avengers: The Five Best Characters

by Prima Games Staff

Lego Marvel’s Avengers is available now and it’s quite the follow-up to 2013’s Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Not only does it feature a bigger adventure that spans a majority of the Marvel cinematic universe, but it also upped the ante with playable characters, with over 250 to choose from. 

It can be tough to pick a favorite from this bunch, but we managed to put together a list of the five best characters you can get your hands on. Some are available from the beginning, while others will need to be unlocked. One thing’s for sure, they kick Lego butt.

Captain America 

The all-American Avenger is easily one of the best characters you can play in the game, mainly due to his versatility, toughness and most importantly, the impact of his mighty Shield. Good ol’ Cap can let loose with a number of piece-crunching combos that can wipe out enemies, along with aggressive moves that can finish someone off in style, whether with a body fling over his shoulder or a double-hit combo chained together with his shield. 

He’s also good from a distance, as you can target his shield to hit multiple foes at once, should you want to avoid close-quarters combat, as well as activating switches and destroying certain objects. 

Players looking for alternate takes on Captain America will find them, as there are various types available, including Steve Rogers (the original Captain) in gym and civilian clothes (which can be unlocked in story mode), as well as versions based on comic replacements like Bucky and Sam Wilson (who can be purchased for 150,000 bits each once you find their respective tokens in the game). 


Hulk smash! An instant favorite from Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Hulk is a reliable character when it comes to his size and brute strength. He can take a bit more damage than most characters, and his powerful fists and Thunderclap are just what you need to eliminate foes. For good measure, you could easily run around the streets of Manhattan and smash a few cars, though you won’t get too many bits from doing this. 

He may not deliver much from the air, but Hulk will make quick work out of enemies as well as larger objects you need to destroy in order to build smaller things. 

The default Green hulk is available, but you can also unlock other types, like the Hulkling (once you find the token in Sokovia and spare 75,000 bits), the Red Hulk (who can be bought in Helicarrier Havoc for 70,000 bits) and even She-Hulk (available for 60,000 bits, once you get through Manhattan). Even Lou Ferrigno’s old-school Hulk makes a temporary appearance in the game, though he’s not as big.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is easily one of the snarkiest Avengers around, and based on his firepower, he’s also one of the most effective. You’ll learn that right from the start with the original Iron Man, as he can vaporize foes with his plasma blasts, and also fly over gaps with ease while taking out targets from above. He’s also good in flying segments, where he can make quick work of enemies in the air while his ally, like Captain America, cleans house on the ground.

Better still, there are various types of Iron Man characters you can unlock throughout the game, should you need some variety. These types include the MK1, the MK5, the MK6, the MK7, the MK16, the MK17-Heartbreaker, the MK25, the MK33-Silver Centurion, the MK38-Igor, the MK40, the MK42, the MK43 and of course the Hulkbuster, fresh from its debut in the Avengers: Age of Ultron film. 

Most of these can be unlocked by completing missions in Manhattan and in Story Mode, and while they may not offer too much variety, it never hurts to have some extra Iron Men on the team. 


A newcomer first introduced in the Age of Ultron movie, Vision is one of the most thrilling additions to the roster, thanks to the way he utilizes the Mind Gem Infinity Stone embedded in his head. Thanks to his unique strength, he can take flight at any time, as well as melt gold Lego pieces to access new areas, use mind control on enemies and call upon telekinetic powers to turn the tide on opposing forces. 

His projectiles are also among the best in the game – maybe even a bit more powerful than what Tony Stark delivers with his super suit. Using the Gem, he can fire beam projectiles that can hit targets with utmost accuracy – perfect for taking out objects from afar, like cannons that pose a threat to over Avengers. 

You can get him by completing the Ultron Undone mission in the game’s Story Mode – and he’s quite the reward if you feel like running through the game again and collecting more bits. 


Finally, let’s hear it for the big boy who will pose a threat to the Avengers squad in the forthcoming Infinity War movies, which will debut in 2018 and 2019. Yes, Thanos is diabolically evil, but he’s easily a powerhouse you shouldn’t be without once you unlock him in the Ultron Undone mission and find his token. (Note: you’ll need 2,500,000 Lego bits in order to purchase him as well.)

While Thanos doesn’t quite utilize the Infinity Gauntlet, he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, like being able to break through gold Lego bricks, unleashing a devastating jump attack, showing immunity to toxic goo and fire and using bullet deflects and his own projectile beams to make short work of anyone who opposes him. 

Can’t get the job done through the game without a little extra firepower? As Thanos once said, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Now we’ll tell you how to beat some of Lego Marvel’s Avengers toughest bosses!

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