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Lego Dimensions Fun Packs – Ninjago, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings

by Prima Games Staff

Lego Dimensions is one of the most anticipated games of 2015 for great reason. For starters the Lego brand is seemingly unstoppable, and this new title features elements from Skylanders and Disney Infinity, with fans placing figures and vehicles onto the Lego Toy Pad and then controlling them in game.  Star power separates it from the competition, as WB Games will combine multiple universes into one giant adventure, including heroes from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Wizard of Oz and Back to the Future.

We already wrote about the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack and provided a first look at this exciting game. Now it’s time to show all of the different Fun Packs you’ll be able to buy to enhance the experience. Since May just started, you still have plenty of time to save up for them all, or pre-order the ones you want the most.

Note: Most of these packs should release on September 27. The Unikitty pack currently has a November 3 release date.

Back to the Future Level Pack – $29.99

Eighties movie fans have fond memories watching Doc Brown and Marty McFly ride around in the classic DeLorean Time Machine, and now they’ll be able to experience the film in a new way. This level pack features Marty McFly with a red guitar, the DeLorean as well as the Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II. In addition, you’ll explore the Hill Valley level.  Considering the love most people have for the Back to the Future franchise, we expect this to be a huge seller.

Wizard of Oz Wicket Witch Fun Pack – $14.99

Whereas the Back to the Future pack comes with a new level for Lego Dimensions, it appears you only receive two figures in this one. There’s the Wicked Witch of course, along with one of her minions, a Winged Monkey. We already know that Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion and other Oz favorites are in the game. Whether WB will sell them separately remains to be seen.

DC Cyborg Fun Pack – $14.99

DC heroes and villains may play a big role in Lego Dimensions. Batman comes with the Starter Pack, and you’re able to add Cyborg and a Cyber-Guard to the growing list of characters.

DC Wonder Woman Fun Pack – $14.99

One of the most popular comic book heroines will battle evil in Dimensions, as players control Wonder Woman and attack bad guys with her iconic Lasso of Truth. On top of that, the Fun Pack includes the Invisible Jet, which begs the question, how will players control something they can’t see?

Lego Movie Bad Cop Fun Pack – $14.99

We’ve yet to meet one person who disliked The Lego Movie, so it makes a lot of sense to have its characters in the game. Bad Cop fans not only receive the two-faced villain turned hero, but also his Police Car.

Lego Movie Benny Fun Pack – $14.99

Spaceship!  Excited space man Benny stars in this pack, and yes, he comes with his favorite vehicle. Good to see Lego retain his cracked helmet from the movie. Little details like this impress us the most.

Lego Movie Emmet Fun Pack – $14.99

Hero from The Lego Movie, Emmet, jackhammers his way into Dimensions. You’ll also ride around in his Excavator. Side note, it seems most if not all characters in this game can use vehicles.

Lego Movie Unikitty Fun Pack – $14.99

We don’t know if Cloud Cuckoo Land will appear in Lego Dimensions, but at least we’ll play as this adorable Master Builder.  You’ll also find parts to build her Cloud Cuckoo Car.

Lord of the Rings Gimli Fun Pack – $14.99

And my axe! The great dwarf warrior should easily chop through enemies, while his Axe Chariot looks fun to control.

Lord of the Rings Gollum Fun Pack – $14.99

My precious! You receive two characters in this Lego Fun Pack. The first is Gollum, obviously (with possible fish gun), and we look forward to seeing him ride the DeLorean, if in fact he can. The second is the mighty Shelob the Great, who gives is the creepy crawlies despite being a harmless Lego spider.

Lord of the Rings Legolas Fun Pack – $14.99

Let those arrows fly with the sharpshooting elf. Similar to Gimli, Legolas has his own accessory, but instead of a vehicle, it’s the presumably powerful Arrow Launcher!

Ninjago Nya Fun Pack – $14.99

This blacksmith turned engineer brings two swords into battle, as well as her cool-looking Samurai Mech.

Ninjago Zane Fun Pack – $14.99

Slice baddies as the fan favorite Nindroid, then explore the different environments aboard his Ninjacopter.

Now it’s time to see Lego Dimensions in action.

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