League of Legends: How to Play as Urgot

While not as popular as other champions, Urgot can still do plenty of damage.

After the release of Braum, League of Legends has 119 champions that you can play, so there is no surprise that some characters are played more than others. Yes, patches, buffs, nerfs and pro players do influence which characters are played, but there are clearly favorites. Today’s video highlights the least used champions to see why they are out of favor, and of course, how to use them properly. 

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Might as well start at the bottom of the barrel. Urgot, the Headsman’s Pride, is the least played champion in League. Is it because he has more curves than a racetrack? No, Urgot is a very unique kind of ADC, and has a very distinct kit compared to other Carries. This makes him difficult to use, hard to master and requires a lot of micromanaging. 

His main damage dealing attack is his Q: Acid Hunter, which has a two-second cool down and can lock onto targets affected by your E: Noxian Corrosive Charge. You’ll want to use your Q as much as you can, instead of completely relying on your auto attacks. His W gives him a shield that also slows targets, and his ult is a one-second stun, a position switch and a slow. Clearly he is one tough cookie. 

You will have to build him significantly different from other ADCs. IE, BT and Rune King are not really viable choices. You’ll want to rush tear. Your main damage is your Q, and you will spam a lot, so buy a Tear and then immediately build a Manamune. You will have it fully stacked in no time.  

In addition, pick up a Brutalizer for some cheap damage and some nice armor pen. Instead of buying Zerker Greaves, purchase the Cooldown boots. Weird? Yes, but it makes sense with Urgot. Remember, Q is your money maker, so the more you can cast it, the more stacks you get, and the more stacks you get with Manamune, the more damage you do. The more damage you do, well, you get the picture. Frozen Heart gives you a good chunk of armor and more mana. Turn that Brutalizer into a Black Cleaver, snag a Maw and a Guardian Angel and you are set.  

For runes, use armor pen marks and quints with armor seals and magic resistance glyphs. Urgot works better with armor pen than AD, since his Q works off total attack damage, so it is already pretty threatening. Masteries are pretty much the norm, but we recommend taking Sorcery instead of Fury in the Offense tree. 

As you can see, Urgot is a rock, and since he is a very underplayed champ, you can use that to your advantage. Many players won’t know how to counter Urgot and will be quite surprised when they can’t immediately kill you. 

Farm as fast as you can until level three. Once you have your three abilities, start harassing. Try and run with a more aggressive support like Leona or Thresh. If you get your E on the enemy ADC, just start spamming Q. They are going to have to leave the lane if they want to avoid taking major damage from your Q. Just be careful with your pushing. Pre 6 Urgot doesn’t have an escape. Instead of trying to completely dominate early in the game, harass the enemy duo and deny them CS. 

Urgot is beefier than most ADC, and you should use that weight to your advantage. A well-placed Ult can give you and your team an advantage in a team fight. You will be in the face of the enemy team, but your shield plus frozen heart and your Maw means you will probably survive the fight, or at least live until your team destroys whoever you switched with. 

Urgot is a great initiator and is great for making some game-winning plays. He is not a bad champion, and can be a real threat if you play him correctly. For last minute tips, Q is your best friend, positioning is everything and even though you are tanky, you can still get melted. Remember these tips and maybe we will see a little more of the Headsman’s Pride.  

Are there any champions you think that deserve some love? Let us know in the comments below.

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