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LA Guerrillas are the Villains of the Boston CDL Major II

The antagonist had to appear at some point.

Storylines always make tournaments more interesting in the Call of Duty League, and for the last few weeks, the OpTic roster change has garnered the most attention. However, it appears to be the LA Guerrillas that are taking the most heat from players and fans alike.

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This isn’t any story based on behind-the-scenes drama in Call of Duty. Instead, we have a classic tournament outlook that was influenced by the crowd and the competition itself. Most of us likely didn’t see the LA Guerrillas being the team that was looked at like the villains in the Boston CDL Major II, but here we are.

How are the LA Guerrillas the Villains in the Boston CDL Major II?

It might not be obvious at first, but watching the Major in person allows for a much better gauge of the audience’s reaction. When the crowd is loud enough, the Twitch stream picks it up a bit. Much of it is left out though, and let me tell you, the LA Guerrillas were eventually getting nothing but boos from the Boston Major II crowd. As Assault was speaking on stage after the LA win against Vegas, there were even fans yelling over him.

Why are they getting focused when compared to other teams? Games that had the Mutineers, NYSL, and LA Thieves were much quieter from the fan bias. This all started on day one of the tournaments when Toronto Ultra played against LA Guerrillas. Assault played one of his weakest matches to date and there was a competitive trash talk back and forth between LA and Scrap from Ultra. Fans were behind Toronto and LA eventually lost.

On day 2 of the Boston CDL Major II, the LA Guerrillas faced off against the Vegas Legion, and the crowd was going wild for Clayster. The Call of Duty Veteran was clearly one of the favorites in the entire tournament, especially with Scump out of the picture. Any time Legion clutched, it was all cheers. Any time LA clutched, it was silence and booing. Nothing in-between.

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Well, the LA Guerrillas took down Vegas Legion and knocked out Clayster. Fans were already unhappy enough, in person and on the stream, which makes them a target for competition. The first match on day three of Major II will start with their next match, which is against none other than Boston.

LA will need to face the home team of the CDL Major II and Breach has clearly been a crowd favorite for good reason. One of their biggest challenges going forward just might be the crowd itself. There’s no doubt fans will be screaming, good or bad, in favor of Boston. If LA knocks them out of the tournament, they’ll be the biggest villains on stage for sure. Taking down teams like FaZe or OpTic would make things even more interesting. Only time will tell if this CDL Major II villain can make for a good narrative in the rest of the Call of Duty tournament.

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