Kingdom Hearts 3 – New Magic System Details

We’ve got a few new tidbits on information on the magic system in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Square Enix fans have been eagerly awaiting new information on both Kindgom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Both games were absent from E3 2016, but the famed developer and publisher has had a bit to discuss about each game since that time. At the moment, fans can expect to see Kindgom Hearts HD 2.8 in a few months, which leads directly into Kingdom Hearts 3 in many ways. While fans wait for that, we have some new information on the combat and magic system in Kingdom Hearts 3.

We’ve already covered the new combat system, so this time around we’ll take a closer look at the Magic Points (MP) system from previous Kingdom Hearts games returns in Kingdom Hearts 3. This time around the spells are bigger and more impactful. Instead of simply casting Blizzard and watching as the enemy gets hit with the ice spell, the environment is also influenced by the spell. In this example, an ice lake might appear as the nearby area is frozen from the Blizzard spell.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Kingdom Hearts 3, there’s no set release date, but you’ll want to pick up Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 when it releases this December for the PlayStation 4. It includes Kingdom Hearts 0.2, which is essentially a prologue for Kingdom Hearts 3 that uses the same graphics engine as the upcoming sequel. In addition, Aqua, one of the main characters in 0.2, is a heavy magic user, which means you can see some of the new magic effects in action.

Square has already confirmed that the next news for Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be big (instead of providing small bits of info at shorter intervals). When it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3, Square wanted to focus on 2.8 before moving on to the sequel. Both games are actively in development, but with 2.8 coming in December, Square is marketing that title first.

We’ll have more on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the coming months.

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