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Kingdom Hearts 3 Combat Trailer – Keyblade Beat Down

by Prima Games Staff

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately Square Enix has yet to reveal much about the plot, the different Disney-themed worlds we’ll explore (crossing our fingers for the Star Wars universe) and of course, an official release date/month/year.

Details are vague, but at least everyone knows the game will eventually arrive, and to tide us over, the company delivered this new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer during its E3 2015 press conference. If you had told us such a video was about to surface, we’d guess it would contain a generous helping of computer-generated footage; a safe bet, considering the talented animators at Square Enix.  Instead it’s the exact opposite, with over two minutes of combat footage showcasing all sorts of special effects, huge worlds and exquisite animations in the Disney tradition.  At one point, Sora hitches a ride on a magical train while battling a large adversary. Later, his weapon transforms into dual pistols and a rocket launcher. Finally, he takes a spin in a familiar-looking teacup to deal lots of damage to his enemies. 

The footage is lower-resolution than we’re used to, but there’s no denying how gorgeous KH3 appears.  Now all we need is a release date.

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