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Kingdom Hearts III Update Adds Sora Dual-Wield Ability Once More

by Liana Ruppert

One thing that Kingdom Hearts players were bummed about when it came to the latest title was the loss of Sora’s dual-wield ability. Luckily, a new update is on the horizon for Kingdom Hearts III that gives him back the ability in addition to three new forms.  

For those that have just jumped into the Kingdom Hearts madness, the ability to dual-wield Keyblades was something fans absolutely adored in Kingdom Hearts 2, though it was glaringly apparent that this option was not included in the third full installment. Whether players used this ability from summoning up a form or a random Keyblade pickup, it didn’t matter because either way, it was awesome. 

While the Sora dual-wield ability was gone but not forgotten in Kingdom Hearts III, a new update has given our favorite protagonist the chance to show off his combat skills one more. The latest patch is prepping the game before its ReMIND DLC update that drops later this month which is great because we’ll never say no to new forms. 

Since there seems to be some confusion in the responding thread to the original tweet by the Kingdom Hearts account, this is a free update and NOT paid DLC. It will be as simple as booting up the game and downloading the update before you can enjoy all the power of new forms and kicking butt with two awesome Keyblades. 

As for the game itself, Kingdom Hearts III is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Learn more about the title with our Hub here for tips, guides, and even more Sora-related news. 

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