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Killer Instinct Frame Data Analysis: Jago

by Bryan Dawson

Jago is one of the most well-rounded characters in Killer Instinct and our in-depth look at his frame data confirms that in spades!


Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Double Roundhouse F+HK 7 4 5 3
Neck Cutter B+HP 18 2 -2 -6
LP LP 4 2 4 0
Close MP MP 4 3 2 -1
Far MP MP 5 3 1 -2
Close HP HP 6 5 -1 -4
Far HP HP 10 3 -3 -6
Close LK LK 6 4 5 2
Far LK LK 6 4 5 2
Close MK MK 5 4 4 1
Far MK MK 7 3 3 -2
Close HK HK 7 4 2 -2
Far HK HK 10 5 0 -5
Crouching LP Crouching LP 4 2 4 2
Crouching MP Crouching MP 6 2 0 -2
Crouching HP Crouching HP 9 5 -4 -7
Crouching LK Crouching LK 4 2 4 1
Crouching MK Crouching MK 6 2 3 1
Crouching HK Crouching HK 7 2 N/A -9
Jump LP Jump LP 6 7 15 8
Jump MP Jump MP 6 3 16 12
Jump HP Jump HP 11 3 20 17
Jump LK Jump LK 6 8 15 8
Jump MK Jump MK 7 10 16 12
Jump HK Jump HK 10 12 20 17

As long as you cancel Jago’s Normals into a safe special move, you’re okay. The Neck Cutter overhead is especially important because it’s Jago’s primay overhead attack, but it’s unsafe if blocked. However, if you use it at maximum range it’s relatively safe against most attacks. Either way, it’s best to cancel into the Wind Kick or Laser Sword on block or hit.

Beyond the Neck Cutter, the far heavy punch and far heavy kick are unsafe, but have enough pushback to avoid punishment from most attacks. Crouching heavy punch is also unsafe and should be limited primarily to an anti-air attack. Crouching heavy kick is also unsafe, but since it does not lead into a combo, it should only be used if you need a hard knockdown.

Special Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Wind Kick QCB+LK 9 6 4 -2
  QCB+MK 10 9 3 -3
  QCB+HK 13 19 1 -5
Laser Sword QCB+LP 7 2 2 -1
  QCB+MP 9 2 4 1
  QCB+HP 10 3 5 2
Tiger Fury DP+LP 2 8 N/A -27
  DP+MP 2 8 N/A -34
  DP+HP 2 8 N/A -40
Endokuken (all versions) QCF+P 14 0 2 -8

Jago’s light and medium Wind Kick are safe from all distances, but the heavy Wind Kick is -5. Under normal circumstances the pushback of the heavy Wind Kick is enough to avoid punishment, but certain Shadow attacks can punish a heavy Wind Kick when executed at max range, and several more attacks can punish it when used at close range.

All three versions of the Tiger Fury are unsafe, but the invincibility makes them useful during wake-up or when you’re being heavily pressured. While the Endokuken should rarely be used a close range, it is technically unsafe if the opponent blocks. As long as you’re a decent distance from the opponent it won’t be an issue, but be careful if you’re within Shadow attack range.

The Laser Sword is one of Jago’s most useful tools from a frame data standpoint. It’s one of the few attacks in the game that grants advantage when blocked. The medium and heavy versions are both advantage when blocked, and most players won’t be able to tell the difference between the light and medium versions, which means you can use the light version as pseudo-frame advantage.

Shadow Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Shadow Tiger Fury DP+2P 3/0 4 N/A -42
Shadow Endokuken QCF+2P 5/1 0 N/A -4
Shadow Laser Sword QCB+2P 3/2 4 6 2
Shadow Wind Kick QCB+2K 3/3 20 5 1

Jago’s Shadow Wind Kick and Shadow Laser Sword are both advantage when blocked. You still have to worry about a Shadow Counter, but if the opponent does not have meter, these are great tools to continue offensive pressure. Since Jago has a battery Ender (QCF+HP), you can use meter freely and gain it back with the battery Ender. The Shadow Endokuken isn’t advantage, but it is safe if the opponent blocks (even at close range). Of course, the Shadow Tiger Fury is unsafe, but should be used as a maximum damage Ender, anti-air attack, or invincible wake-up.

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