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Killer Instinct Frame Data Analysis: Glacius

by Bryan Dawson

Glacius may look slow, but his frame data says otherwise. He can definitely hold his own at close range, despite the fact that he’s a zoning character.


Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Ice Lance F+MP 8 3 -6 -8
Ice Pick B+HP 9 3 N/A -7
LP LP 5 2 2 -2
Close MP MP 6 2 1 -2
Far MP MP 7 2 1 -3
Close HP HP 8 3 -1 -5
Far HP HP 10 3 -3 -7
Close LK LK 5 2 1 -2
Far LK LK 5 2 0 -3
Close MK MK 6 2 3 1
Far MK MK 9 2 1 -3
Close HK HK 8 3 1 -2
Far HK HK 11 3 -3 -8
Crouching LP Crouching LP 4 2 2 1
Crouching MP Crouching MP 6 2 -1 -2
Crouching HP Crouching HP 10 3 -3 -8
Crouching LK Crouching LK 5 2 1 0
Crouching MK Crouching MK 7 3 2 -1
Crouching HK Crouching HK 8 3 N/A -11
Jump LP Jump LP 6 8 14 14
Jump MP Jump MP 7 3 16 16
Jump HP Jump HP 9 3 18 18
Jump LK Jump LK 8 4 13 13
Jump MK Jump MK 9 6 13 14
Jump HK Jump HK 11 5 13 14

The big thing to note here is the Ice Lance. On both hit and block Glacius is unsafe. That means you need to use it from max range, or cancel it into one of his safe special moves. Do not use it randomly without a special cancel or you can get punished. Even if you think you’re out of punishment range, some Shadow attacks will still be able to reach.

Other than the Ice Lance, he has a few other Normals that are unsafe, but most have pushback, making them difficult to block, and they’re special cancelable as well. Both the far heavy punch and far heavy kick are unsafe if blocked, but the pushback makes them safe against most attacks. Crouching heavy kick is also unsafe if blocked, so avoid using it unless you absolutely need a hard knockdown.

Special Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Hail (all versions) QCB+P 14 0 N/A N/A
Cold Shoulder QCB+LK 8 4 1 -3
  QCB+MK 10 5 3 -4
  QCB+HK 12 6 5 -7
Puddle Punch QCF+LK 13 4 1 -14
  QCF+MK 14 4 0 -16
  QCF+HK 15 5 N/A -18
Shatter (all versions) QCF+P 26 2 6 N/A

There isn’t much frame data available for Hail simply because you can delay the execution of the projectile. However, if the opponent is at point blank range, do not use Hail, as it’s easily punished. The light and medium versions of the Cold Shoulder are safe, so use them freely, but the heavy version can be punished with ease. This should only be used as whiff punishment.

All variations of the Puddle Punch are unsafe if blocked, and the heavy version launches, which limits the damage potential. This is a risky attack to use, but the invincibility during the initial part of the animation makes it a useful tool when you’re getting pressured.

Shatter is unblockable, but notice the execution (startup) frames. It takes 26 frames to execute, making it the slowest move Glacius has. Against skilled players you won’t be able to use toss it out and hope it lands. You’ll have to mask it with an Ice Land or Hail, then use Shatter just as the opponent gets out of block stun.

Shadow Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Shadow Hail QCB+2P 4/1 0 N/A N/A
Shadow Cold Shoulder QCB+2K 3/2 1 5 -6
Shadow Puddle Punch QCF+2K 1/8 3 5 -10
Shadow Shatter QCF+2P 1/13 2 N/A -2

The most notable aspect of the frame data on Glacius’ Shadow moves is the fact that the Shadow Puddle Punch and Shadow Cold Shoulder are both unsafe if they’re blocked. In most cases Shadow attacks are safe or even advantage when blocked, but Glacius does not have that luxury with the Shadow Puddle Punch and Shadow Cold Shoulder.

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