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Is Gamebillet a Safe and Legit Site for Game Codes? Answered

by Nikola L

Gamebillet is one of the lesser-known websites for game activation keys and codes. But are they safe and legitimate? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Gamebillet a Safe and Legitimate Website for Game Keys?

We jumped onto their TrustPilot page to see what customers thought and we found zero 1-star ratings, with the last 2-star rating being left back in 2019. Gamebillet has a 4.9 rating with 93% 5-star ratings, but there’s just under 450 at the time of writing of this article which might not be a representative sample given that most other platforms that we’ve looked at have tens of thousands. The positive ratings are coming in steadily, so we ventured into the depths of the Internet for more information on Gamebillet.

We visited their webpage first, and under the About section, they have this story to tell:

Authorized? Legit? Where are the keys coming from?

All of our digital products come directly from the Publishers. We do not support gray market and code stripping practices. A great portion of the payments will go to the Publishers. With us, you never have to use VPN’s to activate your game, and will never get Steam gifts. Therefore you don’t need to worry that your key will be revoked. There is zero risk when activating your digital games from GameBillet.

We investigated further and found out that does legitimate business and is a safe and legit website for key purchases. Ubisoft’s official approved digital distributor list has Gamebillet on it. It is also on SEGA’s Approved Partner List.

So is Gamebillet a Good Place to Buy Game Codes and Activation Keys?

Yes! Feel free to give them a chance if you find a great deal for something that you’ve always wanted but don’t want to pay the full retail price for.

Now check out our dives into similar websites to find out where you’re buying from is safe:

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