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If We Have to Look at This Terrifying Human Version Of Super Mario’s Toad, So Do You

by Liana Ruppert

Ah, art. It’s a beautiful way to express our love for some of the greatest games, movies, books, and TV shows out there. That being said, it can also be pretty heckin’ terrifying. Case and point; this human take on Toad from Super Mario. But, because we here at Prima love you all so much, we thought we’d share this experience with you all. You’re welcome and we’re sorry. 

The artist is Miguel Vasquez and he’s known for his intricate, if not terrifying, 3D renders. His latest creation is Toad and if we could, we’d wipe our memories clean. But we can’t, but hey – that’s what you’re here for. Misery loves company, right? Anyway, here are some nightmares: 

As if the original wasn’t bad enough, the Nice Guy Toad just thoroughly broke my entire soul, pieced it back together again only to break it one more time for good measure. Miguel, your art is scary, bruh. 

If you’re a masochist like apparently we are, there are a few more creative contributions that he laid out other a plethora of different franchises including Disney, the Simpsons, and more: 

So now that you’re sufficiently terrified, we can all carry on like it’s a normal Tuesday. You can also follow the above artist @Itsmiketheboxer. If, you know, you want more pain in your timeline. We’re not here to judge, do you. 

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What do you think of a “realistic” Toad from Super Mario? A blend of genius, or straight-up nightmare fuel? Welcome to the party, pal, feel free to mosey on over to Twitter @PrimaGames to weight in on this monstrosity. 

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