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The Hyrule Warriors: Lana, Agitha, and Fi

by Prima Games Staff

Hyrule Warriors has a vast lineup that shows there are more adventurers in Hyrule beyond Link. Below, the Hyrule Warriors strategy guide author discusses three diverse heroines and which of their abilities gamers can look forward to utilizing.



The Sorceress of the Woods may be bubbly and energetic, but she is not one to be trifled with in battle. Armed with incredible magic, Lana is nearly as powerful as Link for those who know how to wield her power effectively. She’s the only Warrior that comes close to the amount of weapons that Link sports, each of them wildly varied and intricate in their own way. Her Book of Sorcery allows her to create magical monuments, which she uses as platforms to bounce around the battlefield or smash and launch enemies; her Spear allows her to call upon the aid of the Deku Tree and its Deku Scrubs; her Summoning Gate grants her the ability to summon smaller versions of several boss monsters to do her bidding, all while she dances nonchalantly. The range and power of Lana’s Combo Attacks could be called better than many of the other Warriors’ in the game. She is likely my favorite Warrior for her intricacy, utility, and for being just plain adorable.



Agitha is the self-proclaimed Princess of the Bug Kingdom and lover of all arthropods. She has the most unorthodox move set out of all of the Warriors, which makes sense, as she is the most peculiar of all of them all, too. Cute, curious, confusing; these words best describe Agitha when she takes to the battlefield. She fights with a parasol and calls upon the help of her beloved insects to defeat her enemies. She can summon a gigantic stag beetle, fly on a massive butterfly, and conjure tornados with her parasol. Agitha is a difficult Warrior to play as, but once gamers master her moves, it becomes clear that she definitely belongs in this roster.



As the anthropomorphized form of the Goddess Sword, Fi is the absolute epitome of grace on the battlefield. Gliding through combat with agility and beauty, Fi attacks her enemies with moves that could be mistaken for a choreographed dance. Fi is one of the fastest Warriors in the game and has the capacity to slide in and out of fights with ease. She is also able to transform into the Goddess Sword, revealing her true nature and empowering all of her attacks with Light Element. While her attacks aren’t as damaging as the other Warriors’, her speed and agility more than make up for it. I tend to prefer fast, heavy hitters like Link and Lana, but Fi’s ability to get around the battlefield—and her opponents—makes her my go-to for whenever I need a Warrior that doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘slow.’

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